You – Forever [LOBSANG RAMPA] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From G RAMPA’s book: “You – Forever”. – a guide to You may have seen a child’s toy car, which is connected, to the child by a long flexible cable. In thirty lessons, Rampa teaches the fundamentals of the metaphysical sciences. Step-by-step instructions teach you how to see the etheric, auras, travel in the.

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Then, very very speedily, far more quickly than the fastest car could take you, you will be at your friend’s or relative’s house.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. When you are ready get into your bed, make sure that your night attire antrekk is quite comfortable, that is, it should not be tight around the neck nor should it be tight around the waist, for if you have distractions such as a tight neckband or a tight waistband, this irritates the physical body and may cause a jerk at a crucial moment.

The Overself sends down a part of itself into a human body in order that lessons may be learned and experiences gained. Fatima rated lobzang really liked it Apr 10, Become accustomed to this elementary astral travel because until you are accustomed to idling drive- about in a room – you cannot safely venture driste seg outside.

rampa – you forever

Tell them to go along the Silver Cord and away from you. You may, for instance, have been alone in the house at midnight with the wind howling outside, and you may have thought of burglars, you may have imagined someone hiding behind a curtain ready to jump upon you.


I was impressed with him from the first paperback I ever read. Lightly, slowly, it sank down and positioned itself precisely above the physical body. Man, when uncluttered by his own stupid fears and restrictions, could almost be a superman with greatly enhanced powers, both muscular and mental. fkrever


It is people laughing and throwing doubt, which has stopped adults from seeing Nature Spirits and being lobang to converse telepathically with animals. No eBook available Weiser Books Amazon. Sit idly for a few moments – just thinking about your thoughts, look at your thoughts, see how they keep creeping into your consciousness, each one clamouring skrikende for foreveer, that quarrel with a man at the office, the unpaid bills, the cost of living, the world situation, what you would like to say to your employer – sweep them all aside!

Further, popular music is such that it is in sympathy with the brain wave formation, it is in sympathy with the harmonic of the body vibration. The author writes lobszng a bit of humor and is not overbearing. It may be our own wrong thoughts which makes a colour appear muddy, for remember, in looking at any other persons aura we first have to look through our own aura!

It all starts from here! Crooks and conmen http: If raampa want to have your legs outspread, or your arms outspread — spread them out. During the next few centuries people are going once again to be able to do telepathy, clairvoyance, etc. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Excerpt from “You – Forever” by Lobsang Rampa ~~Relax~~ | thingsthatmadeanimpression

It sure helped me Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. A sudden hoot from an approaching car and the man – without thought – springs back into the sidewalk with a prodigious enorm leap which would normally be quite impossible byy even a trained athlete! One person found this helpful. Have no fear, nothing bu can happen to you. Astral travel, Telepathy, foreveer and Auras. Last on page 45 he tells that the thoughts of a person is visible – as on a screen – on the outer surface of the aura.


After the slight tingling stops, make no movement at all, and there will be a sudden coolness, a feeling as if something has left you.

He is a mystic and an enlightened person. In the astral world there are many things stranger than anything you can encounter on Earth. But just as earth or lead or wood consists of a certain arrangement of molecules lobsnag molecules of a certain density – spirit bodies have their molecules fewer and further between each.

When you are practised in astral travelling you can go anywhere at all, not merely anywhere on this Earth. When death takes place, the Silver Cord is severed and the human body is left like a discarded suit of clothes, while the spirit moves on. That is merely because the forevrr, which we call sound, have caused our mental vibrations to react in a certain way.

They are of common frequencies. Often it just “burns out” neural patterns in the brain.

You will find that you are there, drifting, undulating slightly, just as when you left the body.