Well Completion and Servicing (Oil and Gas Field Development Techniques) [ Denis Perrin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book. 18 Jan Production Operations: Well Completions, Workover, And Operations: Well Completions, Workover, And Stimulation Library Download Book. This book provides technical information on well completion, from drilling in the pay zone to It also covers the main methods for artificial lift, and well servicing.

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Search Results Results 1 -5 of 5. After a Baker cataloga. General configuration of flowing well equipment. They are run in by electric cable and the different component guns can be fired selectively.

In addition, side reactions may make plugging worse. Another variation consists in running in a tubing that can be filled to a certain height via a bottomhole valve or a rupture disk. As a result, there is a higher temperature opposite cemented zones when the cement is setting than what would be expected from the normal geothermal gradient. After a Schlumberger document.

Here, all that is really needed is for the liquid to be able to reach the pump, and if the pump is powerful enough it can provide the energy required to overcome not only what remains of the hydrostatic pressure up to the surface, but also the pressure losses downstream from the pump as well as the processing pressure.

Besides the price of the flowlines, there are not normally any particular surface constraints that would prevent the use of an appropriate flowline diameter. For injection wells, the injection water can also be used directly. Actually, provided that the flow can be considered to be of the radial cylindrical steady- state type for a gas well, the following equation termed a quadratic equation can be estab- lished: Stars are assigned as follows:.

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Only really neces- sary additives should be used and the prescribed concentrations should be complied with. Fluid samples are taken before injection.

This is possible only if the perforations and channels are free of plugging fluids which require prior removal and if the formation is permeable enough. Pressure calculations Depending on the volume of slurry pumped into the well, the maximum allowable wellhead pressure has to be determined such that the bottomhole pressure does not exceed the forma- tion fracture pressure.

Well Completion and Servicing

Selecting the gravel The choice is based on the analysis of the formation sand, but getting representative samples is the problem’ In this connection, preference compoetion given to core samples and sufficient sampling density is required each sample must be analyzed separately, do not use a composite sample.

However, the fluid must flow toward the horizontal drain hole not only on a horizontal plane the same as for vertical wells or hydraulically fractured wellsbut also on a vertical plane. Heavy operations on live wells. In addition, if it is pperrin set, it can be positioned very accurately in relation to the formation by using the same technique as for perforation depth adjustment see Perfin In order to do so, the drill collars and part or all of the drill pipe used to drill the well may have to be laid down.

Shutting in the well This allows the excess pressure to be resorbed when the fracturing fluid leaks off through the walls of the fracture.

Well Completion and Servicing – PERRIN Denis

The problem is not a lack of flow capability but one of regulations, connection between the for- mation and the wellbore, surface processing or dispatching capacity, etc.

Assisted start up may prove necessary swabbing, using a coiled tubing, etc.

Other treatment fluids used to eliminate plugging Depending on the cause of plugging, acids may not always be suited, other fluids can be more effective. The low servucing method concentration of 0. The circulating flow rate is in the range of several hundred liters per minute 1 bpm.


Characteristics required for completion fluids Based on the main requirements making sure the well is safe, preventing damage to the well, cleaning the well servicinb following characteristics are the most important.

Besides size and uniformity, the chosen gravel must also have other characteristics such as grain shape, compressive strength, solubility in acids, etc. The most common types of acoustic logs are: Sometimes the mud that was used to drill the layer can be replaced by a completion fluid that is more appropriate for further operations.

If a reasonably accurate estimate of future requirements in this area can be made at the time of initial completion, an attempt is made to take them into consideration when comple- pegrin equipment is chosen. However, during the production phase, if just one untreated perforation produces sand it is enough to cause the process to eventually fail!

Fracture filling also comppletion on the concentration in propping agent in the injected fluid, which is expressed servicimg dividing the weight of the propping agents by the volume of liquid and not of the slurry. Let us mention the following in particular: Stars are assigned as follows: Depending on the case, productivity can be restored relatively easily generally true carbonate formations: Furthermore, this introduction to oil and gas field technology is also designed to help specialists in other fields, e.

Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. Likewise in cases of heter- ogeneous, multilayer, etc. Our Day sedvicing guarantee still applies.

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