24 Jan The name that Vitel once was is Vitel Wireless. That name Vitel compensation plan offers product/service based residuals. Vitel pays your. Vitel Wireless has one of the most lucrative Compensation Plans in the Mobile Cellphones and Network Marketing industries. Learn how you can Earn Extra.

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What your members are focused on is irrelevant. Vitel certainly has ccompensation own unique selling proposition compared to our competitors. Flexible multi-algorithm cloud mining?

By and large people including myself are sick and tired of the backhanded marketing spin bullshit that goes on in the MLM industry behind closed doors. Great, because I never said you did or were. Note that each unilevel leg in your organisation operates independently with its own qualifying generations.

Wow, have things changed and evolved. If third-party services can be done cheaper and is offered at a retail level then go for it.

Would you not agree that any clarifications that you feel need to be made would be of interest to the general public and those conducting their due diligence on Vitel? Aside from being used to calculate direct sales commissions owing to Vitel members, this CV is also used to calculate residual commissions offered to members via a unilevel compensation structure.

I appreciate the information provided on this website with open, honest reviews on MLM businesses.

For the legal eagles out there, the following is an editorial, and reflects my own opinions and observations. Again, the wrong James Pearson.

Vitel Review – Is Vitel Wireless A Smart Choice?

Scott Rogers I can bold my comments just fine. MLM Advocate is correct. Sep 11th, at 3: As I just noted attempts to judge a baby as an adult seems un-intelligent. If you do not type vitel. Most members are engaged in both aspects of our compensation allowing for the necessary balance required by FTC to evolve and sustain itself. That wirelesss me from a serious look at lightyear. What other companies do is irrelvant. Rather difficult to cheat the system, unlike those Uber-Juice and Uber-Pill companies, when you can fudge it some by buying them yourself.


We are not a payment processor, our software If your software does nothing more than process payments to vendors, that would make you a payment processor? Not all multilevel marketing plans are legitimate. Scott Rogers did a OK job, if plah main focus was the market out there rather than the discussion here.

The Wjreless Network is a Vitel Service of its own…. Oh, yeah, you ever trade up from that clapped out Honda you were running the gas pills in, or did the pills do it in? Reason behind the system doing this simply is for fairness to the distributors out there building the business, without a rotator leads would come into corporate and not be evenly distributed.

The reason why is irrelevant. Sep 9th, at 1: Sep 4th, at 6: As per above, you also conceede that Vitel itself only makes a profit from membership dues of its members. Thank you for the added insight and comments.

Feb 15th, at 1: But, pieces of shit, well, even 3 years later, are still just pieces of shit… K. I think your question is without merit Forget about merit and just answer it: Yep, I checked MlmLegal.

Again, we operate from partnership agreements as to our non membership product, and this model is tested and proven in various business categories.

Vitel Wireless Compensation Plan Breakdown 15 min Presentation by Angela Jones NSE | 1stladyofvitel

Watch a video inciting me to join Vitel without revealing any specifics about the company or 2. However you dress it up, Vitel still has no retailable product or service and is paying out commissions upon the recruitment of new members, with those commissions being paid out of membership fees being paid.


Splitting them up would solve that for you. Sep 8th, at 4: Sep 6th, at 2: My understanding from that was that if company income could pay commissions from its retail activity and was not reliant on sponsoring income to pay reps then it was legal. If customers were buying a pin from you, why would you pass on the money to the vendor who in turn pay Vitel a commission which is then split between Vitel and affiliates?

The Vitel compensation plan offers members commissions for each new paid member recruited into their downline either personally or via team effort. Coin of the month autoship pseudo-compliance InterCoin Capital Review: If you’re currently chasing your friends and family in your business I browsed through you comment, but was only able to find that you have some members who are not heavily focused on recruiting.

Sep 11th, at 5: Maybe re visist the site vitelwireless. You know, like you did for the Narc That Car pyramid scheme. Hi and Welcome To My Blog! Vitel Wireless compensation plan also offers distributor the ability to get their cell service for free with 3 active customers, and they even offer a car bonus for top producers.

Even a couple quick points would help in clear dialog.