then select the files and directories to recover.4/28/ Symantec NetBackup Interview questions and answers. What does these status codes mean. Netbackup Interview Questions and Answers for for both freshers and experienced Symantec NetBackup (earlier Veritas NetBackup) is an enterprise level. View Answer ยท Tim pointsBadges: Large-scale Veritas NetBackup Question. My company is currently merging and we are in need of several NetBackup.

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Typically, the master server contains the NetBackup catalog With the new definition in place, stop and start the Device Manager service and then verify that the control for the drives has changed from automatic volume recognition AVR to the appropriate setting i.

As part of a catalog backup, you lnterview send yourself an email with the details on how to recover. Veritad would I, or would I not, use cross mount points? A logical grouping of volumes based on physical location.

Why is the catalog the most important component of Netbackup? Can we able to create 2 Storage units? What is the process in which NetBackup decides if a tape is available and which one it will use?

How do you import an NBU image that has been written to a disk storage unit? What is the difference between the expiration date for a volume in NetBackup’s media catalog and Media Manager’s volume database?

Interview Questions 2 | VERITAS NETBACKUP

To get all the naswers data since two days ago, qjestions will have to import all the tapes and backup images that happened since questins catalog. There are Client machinesmachines are transfering datas in good speed but one client machine is taking too long to transfer a datas I am running into problems where I have to bring anseers Domino server services to backup Lotus client 6. Which NetBackup component manages and allocates device and media resources required for NetBackup operations?


Netbackup interview questions and answers on advance and basic Netbackup with example so this page for both freshers and experienced condidate. Netbackup Interview Questions And Answers. A requirement for attaching tape drives to a SAN. How do you configure SLP? Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum. Have you ever lie on your resume? Does anyone has any experience what needs to be configured to avoid bringing down domino server while running NBU backup. After this phase is completed, the images may be browsed for selection for Phase 2 import.

This will give you a double aanswers 7. Hi guys, Can someone help me as I have a starnge issue going on. How do you import an NBU image that has been written to a disk storage unit? Symantec NetBackup earlier Veritas NetBackup is an enterprise level heterogeneous backup and recovery suite.

Netbackup Interview Questions and Answers

Which type of backup can be performed from a client machine? Anonymous March 4, at Which of the following are the backup types? NetBackup Master Server – The Master Server is the “brains” for all data protection activities, from scheduling and tracking client backups to managing tape media and more. How to gather netbackup report for Highest full backup of each client from master server: On the NetBackup interveiw server.


Which status code is generated when the server could not complete the naswers to the client? Backups that have expired may be imported by using the bpimport command, provided the media on which the backups reside have not yet been overwritten.

The order in which devices are configured by the wizard. Rebooted the server and Ran Manual backup.

Veritas Netbackup Interview Questions & Answers

Read the latest tech blogs written by experienced community members. Rajesh Thiraviam March 18, at 6: Emc Vmax Interview Questions. I agree to TechTarget’s Terms of UsePrivacy Policyand the transfer of my information to the United States for processing to provide me with relevant information as described in our Privacy Policy.

Making a great Resume: Veritas Netbackup Practice Test. There are two phases: The date and time when NetBackup stops tracking a backup image. When would I, or would I anxwers, use cross mount points? After the installation is complete, how do you check for running NetBackup processes? I’ll take a swag.

Netbackup Interview Questions And Answers

Which of the following options can be managed through the NetBackup Administration Console? What is questilns process of importing images and why do we import images? Flash backup will back up these files much faster since it’s doing a block level backup rather than trying to pick up each file from the file system.