3 quotes from Valentin Tomberg: ‘A person who has had the misfortune to fall victim to the spell of a philosophical system (and the spells of sorcerers are mere . Tomberg describes three stages of meditation, above our ordinary waking . Valentin Tomberg, in Letter II, refers to the “second birth” as Christian Yoga. Hence. Valentin Tomberg was born in in St. Petersburg. His parents were Lutheran. His mother was a Russian and his father, an Estonian of German origin, was.

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And although I think there are reports that Steiner may have indicated something discreetly along these lines, how reliable such reports are I have neither the slightest idea, nor interest. All this takes us too far away from the issue at hand.

One started thinking without God and one ended up with life without God, the push to liberate oneself from one bond research liberated from religion led ultimately to the tombetg from all bonds. I would say that it is not a matter of Tomberg being blind to one side of the balance of justice.

You have invoked C. Whereas if one travels through Catholic Spain or Ireland say, one witnesses many Catholics who hunger for it on a daily basis still. This methodology is now revealed for the first time in English translation through the inclusion of material published in Part Two of this volume. This was the epoch of obedience and faith —accompanied by every imaginable human abuse.

That being said God may use Protestants or other Christians and even other religions to reveal more of Himself for the building-up of the body of Christ at times when the Catholic vessel cannot be the vehicle at that moment on time, for example, the Pentecostal-Charismatic movement began amongst very Low-Church Protestants.


The other, Lazarus, Come Forth!: Much more to the point: As an example, the main esoteric rites in Catholicism are the Sacraments themselves.

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More could be said about Tombert Foreword or Introduction to the French edition, which was reproduced in slightly truncated form as an Afterword to valfntin English paperback edition. Garrigou-Lagrange sums it up like this: All is part of the whole. We can observe an intellectual, cramped tendency towards rigidified doctrines.

I do not wish to have the fate of that young mountain cow – of which the Buddha speaks – who, in search of new meadows and pastures, wandered into an unknown mountain range and fell into an abyss. Things are very subtle, paradoxical and complex, are they not?

And to someone who has struggled with these issues for years, quoting the pre-Catholic Tomberg in defense of your views will cut no ice.

I will just say now that some of what you say in this regard was at least implicit in my piece, particularly where I quoted Valengin saying of Tomberg:. From my point of view New Agers fail at this: And after long years of struggling with these issues, my own conscience, my own heart leads me to join the older Catholic Tomberg in saying:.

Inner Development – Valentin Tomberg Biography

Truth can measured by quality and quantity. It begins with Silence …. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. But it is a profound place of dignity, utter respect for the rituals, hierarchical in its form etc. Thus here is what I offered earlier at this website:.

Valentin Tomberg, the New Age and the Way of the Heart

I have been following these blogs and exchanges with interest. That task will be a follow up to this essay. It is this and it is far more than this.


Share this on Facebook Twitter Google Tpmberg. The Sacraments of the Catholic Church are uplifting, strengthening, succouring me day after day in a way that is completely unmistakeable. This is not to our own faith must make others to shame.

Valentin Tomberg, the New Age and the Way of the Heart

Posted 23 August at For as you have said, there exists an:. Whereas imagination requires effort, this stage is the beginning of concentration without effort. One is to overcome it by rising up to a higher plane, that is, to return to God. He then added further information to it regarding von Balthasar’s foreword and graciously allowed IgnatiusInsight.

He studied languages and comparative religion at the University of Tartu in Estonia. We will explain the reasons for this regrettable Deconstruction and aim for a Reconstruction with most of this material and indeed expanded on. I was born and raised Catholic, at age 13 I experienced a Crisis on my faith that led me away of the Church and into Gnosticism and Ceremonial Magic.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. The Emperor warns us of the will-to-power and teaches us the power of the Cross. I prefer to speak of these outside of both Eastern Orthodoxy and Catholicism — for both share the same seven Sacraments.

Verily, verily I say unto you: Der Anonymus d’Outre Tombe: