In , the MET in New York City produced Kenneth Lonergan’s one-act play ” Betrayal Lonergan then expanded the play and renamed it This Is Our Youth. “This is Our Youth” follows three wayward young people as they navigate in Kenneth Lonergan’s dark comedy about coming of age in Reagan-era NYC. Kenneth Lonergan’s This Is Our Youth is a brilliant, darkly humorous, bittersweet portrait of youth poised on the cusp of the scary, disillusioning path to adulthood.

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It’s a wonderful character study that shows how intelligent, unique, young adults who are slackers can be both insightful and pathetic. Either way, I think this is a lovely play, especially for younger audiences who are thinking of getting into playwriting or just reading plays in general.

Eventually Dennis makes an agreement with his connection, and Warren gives him money to go buy the cocaine and some champagne. lonefgan

May 22, Crosley rated it really liked it. Sep 15, Emily thie it liked it Shelves: After she inquires about his sister, he reluctantly tells her how she was murdered by her boyfriend. Sold and delivered by Audible, an Amazon company. Nothing is resolved in this. Bought this for my son so he could do some monologues for auditions, but he did them a little too fast and authentically.

This Is Our Youth (Play) Plot & Characters | StageAgent

He performs a monologue, talking about life and death, as well as his family. Americans would then be able to spend more money, which would further bolster the economy. I’m all out of baseball hats.

When Warren says that he spent about a thousand dollars for the night, Dennis explodes, claiming that they will not be able to make up the money by selling the cocaine and that Warren’s father will come after him.

Sure, sometime people have short conversations that don’t lead to anything, especally people this kennehh, but it doesn’t always translate well to paper. Lonergan’s debut play, “This Is Our Youth” is an excellent exploration of the battles of of course youth, and, more specifically, the warzone that is male friendship. And he is always breaking things or knocking them over—most calamitously for him, the hefty stash of coke that he has managed to obtain from a pusher with his father’s money.


The two-act play is set in a single location—the Upper West Side apartment of a year-old college dropout, Dennis Ziegler. Some of the dialogue is overwrought and contradictory, the characters don’t always act consistently or even in their own best interests. Lonergan is an Academy Award lonergwn screenwriter and playwright who is best known for co-writing the script for the film Gangs of New York.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Theatre Works P L.

This Is Our Youth – Wikipedia

Warren asks whether Dennis has seen Jessica, a friend of Dennis’s girlfriend, Valerie, but Dennis tells him that Jessica is out of his league. The characters try to trick out their infidelities with romantic inventions, but these are easily exposed.

Dennis’s dealer friend, Stuey, dies of a drug overdose, and we are told that Warren’s older sister was murdered years before at about this same age, as she passed through her own rebellious stage.

Initially, this lavish spending was criticized, but eventually, the entire country became caught up in the attraction of wealth. Deux gars et une fille dans la jeune vingtaine.

This Is Our Youth Summary

But the star of the evening is the playwright, who summons up a world much larger than the three actors onstage. Once upon a time, I was the president of my college theater group and I can’t say how many times this play came up as an option to be produced. As a way to replace the missing money, the two think about selling some of the vintage toys that Warren is carrying around in the suitcase, but Dennis comes up with a plan to sell cocaine instead.

Lonerrgan notes that he is not getting any intellectual stimulation and that all he is doing is getting high, which he can do anywhere. The play premiered on Broadway at the Cort Theatre in jenneth beginning August 18, and opening September 11, for a twenty-week run through January 4, Warren has a long list of other faults, as Dennis continually points out.


Their days are spent thinking only about how they can fulfill their immediate desires: Both are college dropouts who have been caught up in the excesses of the “Me Generation” of the s yet, at the same time, reject the elitist world of their parents. Aug 26, Cary S rated it liked it Shelves: With the advent of the shopping television kfnneth QVC and the steady stream of catalogues and telemarketing pitches from a wide range of mail-order companies, such as Sears and L.

But with the skill of a first-rate creative team, even nowhere can be someplace special. Copyright Super Summary.

Soon after entering the White Housethe first lady, Nancy Reagan, continued the spending spree with expensive renovations at the White Housewhich included a new set of china that cost more than two hundred thousand dollars. Feb 13, Daniel rated it really liked it Shelves: View or edit your browsing history.

This play puts a lot of focus on language something I love and prefer anytime I read a play and allows us to look at each character not for just how they kennth themselves to their Knowing people in real life who are almost exact replicas of these characters made this play ever so real and close.

Like those works, The Waverly Gallery confronts honestly the unpleasant aspects of its subject matter.

Read more Read less. In the s, the government’s political and economic agenda, with its championing of American capitalism, triggered a promotion of self-interest.

In the early afternoon of the next day, Warren arrives at Dennis’s apartment.