Over the summer, Rinn stopped taking her bi-polar meds and blames herself and the voices she heard for her grandmother’s tragic death. To get a new start. 18 Jun The Unquiet by Jeannine Garsee is both an unsettling ghost story and a searing look into the mind of a teenage girl with mental health issues. 18 Apr Even small towns have urban legends. Since year-old Rinn’s last manic episode resulted in the death of her grandmother, she and her.

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She has bipolar disorder, and her sickness led to some events which leads to her moving to Ohio. There was far too much girl hate going on, most of the unquket acted like silly little children instead of young adults.

Garsee didn’t give the readers an explanation for what the hell had happened since Rinn didn’t explain anything to her mother. My stepfather treated me like I was his own, and to read a story where a stepdad loves his stepdaughter like mine loved me…. When the dark parts of the book started to unfold, Rinn was the one character in the book that made everything better. Jun 14, Lacey rated it really liked it.

Review: “The Unquiet”, by Jeannine Garsee – Marta Juncosa

Jul 03, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: Add in a dash of mystery as we work to figure out jeanninw, exactly, happened to poor little Annaleise, and you get a pretty jexnnine read pun definitely intended. This definitely was a book that surprised me in the end. A Library Journal Movers and Shaker: Everything about the ghost was revealed – the who’s, what’s, where’s so there’s nothing much left for that particular plot to offer.

Rinn’s stability is threatened though when she finds out that her school is haunted by the ghost of a former student. This book was simply amazing in the most chilling and twisted way!


But River Hills High School has a secret. The ghost as a backstory but that does not in any way give the gh If you are looking for a really creepy novel where ghosts are not the benign Caspers that populate kiddie cartoons, The Unquiet is for you. Rinn is a boring, bland Have you ever read a book that was a complete and utter train wreck, but for whatever reason, you would feel bad if you stopped reading it?

Book Review: The Unquiet by Jeannine Garsee — @TLT16 Teen Librarian Toolbox

They were my favorite parts because while Rinn was questioning her own sanity, I was questioning whether the events were actually happening or not. Rinn’s not sure she believes it, but slowly Annaliese seems to be punishing those who enter the tunnel alone. The familiarity, the whispers, the struggle to find something to do — Garsee definitely knows how to draw readers right into this world. I very much appreciate that The Unquiet features a protagonist who’s already perfectly well aware of how her bipolar disorder affects her and is on medication for it.

Preview — The Unquiet by Jeannine Garsee. The mystery aspect of this, with the jeannlne and Annaliesse and what was glaringly obvious the entire time. I was able to pretty much put two and two together and figure out why the ghost was only haunting certain people, it was frustrating that Rinn had such a hard time figuring it out when gzrsee was so obvious to the reader. Night Shyamulan circa “Unbreakable” worthy ending – the perfect book to read under the covers!

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The ghost as a backstory but that does not in any way give the ghost any sort of humanity or softness that you would otherwise expect.



Sep 28, Jessica Sinn Books and Trouble rated it really liked it. The climactic scene was not particularly impressive.

Following the aforementioned grandmother’s death, her own failed suicide attempt, and her parent’s separation, Rinn and her mother move to her mother’s hometown in Ohio.

We knew from that start what really happened all those years ago, and that made this a complete and utter flop for me. She quickly makes friends with the popular girls at school and even begins a flirtation with a cute neighbor. As the author of three “practice” novels before she was out of high school, she never wanted to be anything except a writer-but she fell under a strange, insidious spell and found herself in the nursing profession instead.

unauiet It’s not about her discovering that she has bipolar disorder and getting used to that idea and how to treat it, as is so common in YA “issue books. Unfortunately, the eeriness surrounding the Annaliese storyline is hampered by the slow pacing and fragmented storytelling.

The Unquiet, Jeannine Garsee. First of all, my Portuguese version of the book was crap. While The Unquiet has its creepy moments and potentially original premise, its unlikable characters; slow pacing and dull storyline kept me from truly enjoying it.

So if a book failed to spook me all that muchI would obviously be disappointed. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. View all 6 comments.

Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Conversations 163. Inexplicably, he likes the extremely dull and uninteresting main character.