25 Jan Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Sinclair, ioned. The Flivver King has ratings and 27 reviews. Stephany said: As the daughter of a now unemployed, skilled tool and die machinist, I found this a sad b. This page guide for “The Flivver King” by Upton Sinclair includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 92 chapters, as well as several more.

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The Flivver King: A Story of Ford-America by Upton Sinclair

Relays of workmen came, bringing new parts to be added, and tools to do it with. He still had on his sweaty blue cotton shirt and overalls ; the only flivger of fflivver which was clean was his hands which he had washed for supper. Ford wants to get maximum profit in doing his business and he turns his back on the well-being of all his workers.

The Ford factory began with very skilled workers. Jan 20, Linzi rated it liked it.

The Flivver King: A Centennial Appraisal

Whoever edited this book should have been fired. Milly got a woman to scrub and clean for two whole days, and the children caught the fever and insisted on trying to help. On May 21,83, Ford workers at three Detroit area plants voted on their choice of three kinds of union representation. The Jungle has remained continuously in print since its initial publication.

His face was leathery and wrinkled, and wore a patient, ox-like expression. Clivver after the war the American people had plumped for prohibi- tion; but these best people were taking the liberty of disregarding an inconvenient law. Get a move on you! Henry Ford himself was driving one, but only behind high fences.

Everv such joke w as a free advertisement. The papers told how these men had risen from a state of poverty like his own, and that the had done it by producing useful things which had raised the standards of life in America until they were in the highest in the world.

The Dearborn city administration functioned as a political department of the Ford Motor Company. He came and talked it over with Milly, and agreed that it was a sound plan; also it was a way to compliment their employer, by keeping one of his cars upon the road. IV The young inventor continued to tinker, and to make improvements in his invention, until finally he gained confidence enough to take it out in daylight. A journalist of the London Daily Mail had presented himself, desiring to be taken as a guest, and failing in this, had bought a ticket as a second-cabin passenger.


From the dime of the first crash to its climax was a period of three years and a half, practically kjng the reign of the Great Engineer. The case ths finally settled out of court. Here also are his workers, a family of them over a period of three generations.

The next effect was that large numbers of the workers of America hopped the first freights to Highland Park. Presently they Baised the line to waist-height, and before long they had two lines, one for tall men and one for short. These forces had influence in New York; and there were native forces to supplement them.

After two rather unsuccessful essays into manufacturing autos, Ford organized the Ford Motor Company in By the end of her first year she had outsold every other car made. Among a hundred thousand men laid off, one humble spindle-nut screwer was too unimportant to be noticed. What more could a ths ask?

The workers inside the plant found the five-dollar day to be only a sugar-coated bitter pill. There was a cranl. Annabelle associated with wives of her own level, carefully avoided those of lower levels, and crudely and persistently sought access to those of higher levels. Butrthe sales went on declining, until at last Henry realized that he was in a bad jam. Now came this new revolution. In the summer of there was a panic in Wall Street, about which Abner knew nothing.

When the plant was turning out a thousand a day, those who had the job in hand knew that by increasing the speed of the assembly line one minute in an hour, they would get sixteen more cars that day.

So there he was, cap in hand, stepping up to his employer as he came out to his car. The Jews were presented as destroyers of the American Way of Life.

Ford how he felt; but apparently Mr. Ford had lost that rich plum, and soon he was to eat humble pie. It troubled his cons ence, for he was an idealist, and believed in making people happy; he was also something of an economist, and in advance of the official economists he grasped the idea that fivver he paid men high wages, they would be able to buy Ford cars. It was the blessing of the Shutt family that the father be- longed to an evangelical sect, the Original Believers, who had two leading principles, one being total abstin- ence, and the other being flivvet immersion of adults, each wearing a white robe as flivvet the Bible pictures.


Ford had been free to do what he pleased; but when- ever he had gone out among other men and become a part of their organiza,ions, he had been obliged to do what they told him. Known gangsters were part of the department. Henry Ford presented a serious and respectable figure; he never went without his derby hat, a little round black dome on kkng of his head ; often his pretty young wife rode by his side, to show how safe and pleasant it was.

Ford’s anti-semitism isn’t gloss The period between the s and the Second World War formed America as we know it today and this fascinating portrait of early Detroit a long way from the 8 Mile city of todaytakes the reader through a process of fast technological and social change. The horseless carriage was not a toy for the rich, but a useful article for every- body. It happened that among his friends was a coal-dealer named Malcolmson, who had sold coal to the electric company when Henry Ford had charge of its purchases.

The Tin Lizzie was, also, the Universal Joke, and Ford loved every joke about his creation; they were the best free advertisements in the world. Ford and Bennett pulled every trick in the book to keep the union out of the Ford plants.

Feb 05, Brendan rated it really liked it. Orgut, his pastor, to prove that he was a respectable man.