Unwilling to force her live-in love Case McCord into a proposal of marriage, a pregnant Pru Kenyon decides to walk away from the man she loves, not telling him. Title: The Family Way Author(s): Jayne Ann Krentz ISBN: / (UK edition) Publisher: Chivers Large print (Chivers, Windsor. Expecting a baby was supposed to be the most incredible thing in her life, but for Pru Kenyon, it was bittersweet. Her relationship with live-in love Case McCord.

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But Pru knew Case wasn’t willing to take it to the next level of commitment.

The Family Way by Jayne Ann Krentz

She will come crawling back to him and he will eventually forgive her for abandoning him. Cute, the beginning was different, and I liked that very much.

Case was with his parents and they were looking for Pru when they overheard the conversation she was having with Devin. Trivia About The Family Way. This entire, and I mean entire, plot could have been avoided with five-minute conversations, for which there were about 50 opportunities during the book, and, you know, infinity opportunities before it.

The Family Way

She has written under seven different names: Aug 22, Cheesecake rated it really liked it Shelves: He reminded Pru of her Aunt Wilhelmina. Lists with This Book. Laura had told him that it was his brother, Kyle, but Case didn’t think that was right either.


Surprisingly interesting but light and fluffy. I loved every moment. It was deep but with a synthesized tone that made it very difficult to take him seriously. Pru gives McCord an ultimatum about marriage that kfentz chooses to ignore. She was engaged to Case. Reviews by Narration Grade. It was her very pregnant sister-in-law. AudioGals earns commissions on purchases made through our links to Amazon.

This was really a nice smooth easy read. When the couple ends up married before the book is half is over, what is the purpose of the romance?

Each year, I count down the days until a new book of hers comes out. She was up talking to Anb and Case told her that he loved her.

The only problem I had with the book is the portrayal of the “older” characters.

The Family Way by Jayne Ann Krentz

This seems to be the point in JAK’s career when she was startling to really get a handle on making things flow and toning down the alpha-jerkiness of her heroes. Although a bit dated, it held up and I enjoyed revisiting the characters. Pru wasn’t about to force My main problem with the book is the reason behind McCord’s rift with his family. He helped carry in the pizza and Pru was a little uncomfortable but didn’t want to be outright rude. I thought the book would focus more on the relationship between Pru and Case, him trying to woo her back.


McCord, however, is not one for ultimatums. Feb 14, Jessica rated it liked it Shelves: Devin decided to do that by making Case wonder who the father of Pru’s child was. I can’t believe I even finished this: Case told Pru that he was going to take her to meet his parents on their way back home.

Pru Kenyon is in love with Case McCord. Nice mix of humor and pathos. His brother and Devin, who was previously as close as his brother, were somewhat surprised and his sister-in-law was hostile. Between the narrator who sounds like an old battleaxe who eats cigarettes for breakfast, the thin as paper characters, the 80s California soap opera vibe, all the torturous info dumps, and the decidedly stupid protagonists, I threw in the towel on this one. Another reviewer compared it to The Golden Chanceand it has some similarities.