WILLIAM FAULKNER. That Evening Sun. MONDAY IS NO DIFFERENT from any other weekday in Jefferson now. The streets are paved now, and the telephone. THAT EVENING SUN GO DOWN. William Faulkner. Monday is no different from any other week day in Jefferson now. The streets are paved now, and the. Complete summary of William Faulkner’s That Evening Sun. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of That Evening Sun.

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He bears a permanent scar across his face, the result of a razor cut from a fight, presumably one of many fights in which he has participated.

It faulnker like singing and it wasn’t like singing, like the sounds that Negroes make. I done lived with him too long. Dermot Post Author September 24, 9: She was looking into the cup. She didn’t touch the door, the wooden bar. He looked at us.

That Evening Sun

Nancy built up evenning fire. I can fix it so Jason can hold it and pop the corn. She sat before the fire, her elbows on her knees, her long hands between her knees.

Faulkner first came across Handy’s music when the latter played dances in Oxford, Mississippi. After a while Mr.

He cried until mother said he couldn’t have any dessert for three days if he didn’t stop. You could be right.

That Evening Sun – Wikipedia

I’ll want to go home, if Caddy holds the popper. One night she feels so impotent that she talks the kids into going home with her. She turned her head and spat out some blood and teeth and said, “It’s been three times now since he paid me a cent. Facebook Twitter Email Print. Quentin and his siblings witness all of this, given that they are present for every major conversation between their father and Nancy. It was oh or no, I don’t know which. It was a long time.


But fifteen years ago, on Monday morning the quiet, dusty, shady streets would be full of Negro women with, balanced on their steady turbaned heads, bundles of clothes williqm up in sheets, almost as large as williwm bales, carried so without touch of hand between the kitchen door of the white house and the blackened wash-pot beside a cabin door in Negro Hollow.

Nancy held the cup in both hands, looking at us, making the sound, like there were two of them: She began to drink the coffee.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It is left ambiguous as to whether Nancy survives the night. When yawl walk out that door, I gone. I’d cut his head off and I’d slit her belly and I’d shove-“. She talked like her eyes looked, like her eyes watching us and her voice talking to us did not belong to her.

When we came down the steps to where she was she quit making the sound again, and we stood there until father came back up from the kitchen, with his pistol in his hand. We left her there, sitting before the fire with the door opened, so it wouldn’t happen in the dark.

One night we waked up, hearing the sound. While Nancy expresses a genuine fear of retribution for getting pregnant by another man from her husband, Jesus, the children never appear to fully comprehend what may happen to Nancy. It ain’t no fault of mine. Nancy looked up at him. We looked at Nancy.


The corn was under the bed too. Her estranged husband Jesus lives on the margins of both the African American and the white communities. I went to the kitchen. I’d cut his head off and I’d slit her belly and I’d shove-” “Hush,” father said. We looked at the ditch. I stayed quiet, because father and I both knew that mother would want him to make me stay with her, if she just thought of it in time.

Then the sound began again, in the stairway, not loud, and we could see Nancy’s eyes half way up the stairs, against the wall. Though the song is never explicitly referenced in the text, Faulkner employs a number of blues tropes to structure the plot and develop racial stereotypes.

That razor on that string down his back, inside his shirt. Sum would see him going down the lanes on Saturday morning to the Baptist church. Father came to the fire.

The ditch was quite still, quite silliam, massed with honeysuckle. Compson will not permit it; therefore, except for one evening when she sleeps in the Compson kitchen, Mr. Jason to catch you hanging around his kitchen, talking that way before these chillen?

Nancy would set her bundle on the top of her head, then upon the bundle in turn she would set the black straw sailor hat which she wore winter and summer.