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Very artistically, he replied: Novedi was established in November with its seat in Brussels, Belgium. Boucq was disappointed with the project falling through, disagreeing with Charlier Jr.

The three La Jeunesse titles were collected in volume 6. Jean-Michel Charlier and Colin Wilson.

Giraud created his La Jeunesse art with the smaller digest size format specifically in mind, and adopted therefore a more loose, less “convoluted” art style which allowed him to create his pages more quickly, already applying the revised technique for “Tonnerre sur la sierra”.

In post-war Europe, it has been tradition to release comics in “pre-publication” as serialized magazine episodes, before publication as a comic book, or rather comic album in North-American understanding though, ” graphic novel ” is the more applicable terminology in teninete case, the distinction being a non-issue in native Francetypically with a one to two year lag.

I suggested to expand that to three books. With the exception of the very first and very last, “Double jeu” “Double Cross”all other shorts were originally teniebte in black and white.

After Charlier had died on 10 JulyGiraud, aside from completing “Arizona Love” on his own, wrote and drew five albums, from “Mister Blueberry” to “Dust” constituting the OK Corral story arcuntil his own death in Two chapters in one book. Archived August 8,at the Wayback Machine. Publication came to naught however, due to the near concurrent, but otherwise coincidental, demises of both Novedi and Catalan Communications blueherry late and respectively.

Teniente blueberry 07 caballo de hierro giraud esp by Mario Cabeza – Issuu

Having left Blueberry on a cliffhanger with “Angel Face”, when Giraud took his extended leave of absence blueberty aboveclamor for new Blueberry titles became such, that publisher Dargaud decided to make the move as a temporary stop-gap solution.


Gilles Ratier though, has noted that Charlier, when he felt he was preaching to the choir, had the tendency to “take liberties” with actual events for dramatic effect.

I could not start this series anyway, as long as the Marshal Blueberry trilogy had not yet come to a conclusion. Interview met Jean Giraud”. Whenever Georges Dargaud asked Charlier for a next Blueberry adventure, repeatedly, Charlier was now able to respond that he was “devoid of inspiration”.

He stated as late as”As things now stand, it is highly unlikely that the vast majority of this material will be included, tenientw Dargaud does not own the copyrights.

Incidentally, in Giraud returned the favor Vance had provided for his co-creation, when he took on the art work of volume 18 for his XIII series, and which has seen English translations.

Blueberry (comics) – Wikipedia

As Randy and Jean-Marc Lofficierthe translator couple for all these editions, related, “This is quite ironic because Giraud first coined the ‘Moebius’ pseudonym precisely because he wanted to keep his two bodies of work separate. The most prominent of the latter was Hermann Huppen with his new post-apocalyptic Western Jeremiah for which he had abandoned that other famed s Franco-Belgian Western, Comanche written by Gregsecond only in renown after Blueberry at the time.

In recognition for their assistance, Rombaldi was retained for similar releases of the two other Dargaud Western series, fr: The veteran Charlier had already sensed the writings on the wall at Novedi and discussed plans with Giger to have all his comic creations moved over to the new publisher, and to this end had already arranged his old friend fr: If Blueberry had remained with Humanos, there still would not have been a new album!

Even so, my frustration with my own scenario became total, forcing me to rework and update it, no doubt improving it as I go along, and I in particular will have to decide on how to proceed.

Subsequently, they tie him to the bed so he does not float off, but then the whole bed starts to levitate. The s saw three additions to the main series completing the Rehabilitation story arc as well as four new titles in the newly created La Jeunesse de Blueberry series.


It was the first time that Giraud wrote for Blueberry by himself, and was, considering Charlier’s easy acceptance of Giraud’s writing, also testament to the close, and trusting working relationship both men had cultivated by that time. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Graphitti Designs “Young Blueberry” anthology title differed from the others in that it was not printed on high gloss paper, but on matte paper as in the original ComCat publications, indicating that by then inclusion in the Graphitti Moebius collection was already accounted for and that the original print run of the interior pages was adjusted accordingly.

You should have seen him working at his desk! Any subsequent French magazine, or newspaper serialized publication occurred after the initial book release while Blueberry was housed at Novedi and its successor, Swiss publisher fr: Mentioning the name Jean Giraud did not cause any of the present pencillers, colorists or storyboard artists to even bat an eye.

Blueberry Blueberry as drawn by Jean Giraud.

As impromptu publisher, EDIBD published around two dozen album titles, including “La longue marche”, before turning the copyrights of these over to Novedi, [50] which started publishing themselves in Giraud stated that the series had lost its “father”, and that the “mother needed time vlueberry mourn”.

A detail that should not be lacking in all this pizzazz, the officers represented on Blueberry sides are, in reality, comic artists Jean-Marc Reiser and Jean Tabarywho were relatively unknown at the time, but who have come a long way since the time they posed as Blue Coats!