Editorial Reviews. Review. Glenda Larke is magical. If you don’t read her, you’re missing out on Stormlord Rising – Kindle edition by Glenda Larke. Download it . Get the Stormlord Rising at Microsoft Store and compare products with the latest customer reviews and ratings. Download or ship for free. Free returns. Stormlord Rising was nominated as a Aurealis Awards finalist in the category of Fantasy Novel. Aurealis Awards – Finalist – for Web. Stormlord Rising was.

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Sep 02, Maria V. This book was bleak as all the events occurred during a war, but surprisingly it wasn’t a bit boring. I get the feeling it won’t get better It felt to me that there was a little bit too much going on, Very s It took me forever to get into this story, it really dragged for me until the last about pages when I got caught up in the story.

Stormlord Rising (Watergivers, #2) by Glenda Larke

Sep 23, Fantasy Literature rated it it was ok. The rainlord who finally had found love and was pregnant in book 1. Captured rainlord Ryka’s struggles are very real. Same world, same characters and same magical system as before but it is what Glenda Larke does with these things that counts. Despite a few slow spots and some repetition, the novel is otherwise fast-paced. Terelle has decided not to use her waterpainting abilities; after she painted herself free and the magic used an earthquake to bring it about, she knows that she cannot always predict how the magic will bring about the futures she paints.

Because for some bizarre reason I still needed to know what happened. Is this review even making sense? If this is to be a weakness for her, then it has to create a problem for her at some point.


I don’t suppose the revelation of his identity surprises anyone, but it’s still fascinating to see the man he’s become. Terelle’s water painting is becoming exceptionally convenient from a plot point of view, but this type of magic was flagged up from early in book 1, so it’s not a cheat, any more than Shale hurling water around is – both are just extensions of a form of magic already in existence. Skip to main content. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a series so much that I wanted to move straight from one book to the next, but this is one that I just can’t put down.

Families are divided, heroes are made, and the fate of the world is decided in the exciting conclusion to Australian conservationist Larke’s Watergiver trilogy after ‘s Stormlord Rising.

A quick, fleeting memory of the past triggered by something in the present. I was very pleased at how much stronger she was in the second book.

She is desperate to fleeā€”but how can she leave him to his fate? It dealt with a land where water is king, and those with the mag First posted here. The setting is still fascinating, and the theme of water conservation remains relevant. He apologises, but in almost the same breath sticks up for the girl, saying she’s been through a lot etc, saying this to a girl he knows almost certainly has feelings for him. Publishers Weekly Families are divided, heroes are made, and the fate of the world is decided in the exciting conclusion to Stormlprd conservationist Larke’s Watergiver trilogy after ‘s Stormlord Rising.

Obsessed with regaining his status as a Watergiver lord in his homeland, it seems that Russet will go to any lengths to attain his goal. Given all these unlikely reincarnations, maybe we will yet see Lyneth and Moiqa?


Stormlord Rising

She thinks he needs her, that he is in fact, in trouble. And everyone is under threat from Davim, leader of the Reduners, who wants to go back to random rains rather than stormlord controlled water. Additional information Publisher Orbit. Couldn’t put the damn thing down Ryka and Kaneth are probably the best in that respect and Terelle isn’t annoying just a bit Mary Sue – is there anything that she can’t do?!

The main reason is Tyrelle. Because, was Kaneth really dead? Aug 16, Nick rated it liked it Shelves: Shale has grown up big time in this book, although still with an adolescent’s peculiar combination of angst and over-confidence, and Terelle is getting there too.

The characters continue to be interesting and sometimes to behave in unexpected ways. I was still engrossed throughout, but it could have been better.

And his use of Terelle’s waterpainting abilities view spoiler [especially with her paintings of the ziggers dying from light hide spoiler ] was another brilliant stroke that allows him to win against all odds. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I can’t wait to see where the series goes next. I hope he’s given his back bone again in the last book.