7 Aug Snaring The Huntress by Sylvia Day. Star is an Interstellar Council judge. Her position requires her to pass sentence, hunt down the offenders. SNARING THE HUNTRESS“I hope you didn’t dim the lights for me,” she murmured, the hilt of her small dagger gripped fir. Snaring The Huntress by Sylvia Day. Star is an Interstellar Council judge. Her position requires her to pass sentence, hunt down the offenders, and administer.

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Pretty much the synopsis tells you everything. Sympathetic, but following the law she holds so dear, she pursues him with the intent to kill. Had the right mix of sci-fi, romance and steamy erotica. Trivia About Snaring the Huntress. Snaring the Huntress Home Snaring the Huntress. She liked to be ready for anything. Dreams could not snarig convey all of this.

Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Sylvia is a lifelong California resident who loves to travel.

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Sexy, but with a good plot. The words were unspoken, but she heard them just the same. Jodimcee on June 4, It enaring stupid and the end really was a cop-out. Her ability to hand down fair verdicts was heavily scrutinized, and left her no room for error.

He withdrew his cock and then slammed his hips to hers, the wall behind her protesting with a creak. He shuddered, the burning in his veins nearly excruciating. This excerpt contains adult material and is intended for readers 18 years of age or older. My vote, don’t read it guys. Consumed by a sudden sadness, her spines retracted, and she slid easily to the floor.


But as she sniffed the air, she relaxed.

She tilted her head back, and looked up at the ceiling a moment too late. She really did feel sorry for the guy, but she was a judge and her job was to follow the letter of the law. I was expecting some adventure or plot even, but the novel was basically all erotica. If you can handle being with me that long.

Roark has entered his mating cycle. They were five clicks away from Rashier 6. Tossing aside her coverlet, she hopped out of bed, too worked-up to go back to sleep. But using a knife or blaster kept her prey alive. Infinitely better written than the majority of the absolute rubbish published on Smashwords, yet not up to par with her award winning novels. And she was the only judge who was of the Hunter species. I think that if this book were a little longer and more fleshed out I would have enjoyed it.

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When she’s ordered to hunt down a rogue Jacian ambassador in heat, the precedent is death. Jan 11, Michelle rated it did not like it. Star’s orders are dead or alive thanks to Roark’s government. Roark still has his sentence, and his lover Star is judge, jury Her position requires her to pass sentence, hunt down the offenders, and administer punishments.


You know his pre-assigned was hot for it. Open Preview See a Problem? I like to kiss it. She was a Huntress. Advanced Search Reviews Search. I really liked this! I liked how the Huntress interacted with her ship. Her work has been translated into Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Very sexy but sweet sci-fi romance novella.

Snaring The Huntress

Deep inside her, he throbbed, his erection unabated. He walked a slow semi-circle, his body moving with a fluid, powerful grace.

He bent his knees and shifted his angle, massaging her so deeply her eyes watered. Perhaps I can argue on your behalf. What the hell was she going to do? You have a scar on your left hip. Huntress Of My Heart. The interaction between the two lights up the pages and I truly had a good time reading it.

Thick, silky hair in various colors. Learn more about Sylvia Day.

But he wanted what he wanted, and he would get her. They would lose membership in the Council if they resisted the pre-assigns, but it seems they are willing to do this.