The novels of Madeleine Wickham are every bit as sassy and clever as her Sophie Kinsella books. In Sleeping Arrangements, she delivers a tantalizing tale . 25 Feb Sleeping Arrangements. Madeleine Wickham, Author. St. Martin’s/Dunne $ (p) ISBN 1 Aug Madeleine Wickham. Buy This Book. In Sleeping Arrangements we meet Chloe, whose husband Philip is facing a possible layoff, and her two.

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Be the first to ask a question about Sleeping Arrangements. Sleeping Arrangements by Madeleine Wickham. For a moment, I thought I was really done with it.

Book review: ‘Sleeping Arrangements’ by Madeleine Wickham | write meg!

Jul 29, Lidia rated it did not like it. I’m sorry, but that was unnecessary and disgustingly romanticised. Sledping would recommend for a nice beach read!

Both their partners seemed quite nice. As far as Amanda’s concerned, they have a happy marriage. Joy, heartbreak, and fierce loyalty. How on fucking earth is that fucking romantic? Amanda stays home and takes care of the kids while Hugh goes to work and earns the money.

Book review: ‘Sleeping Arrangements’ by Madeleine Wickham

Wicknam really do not like cheating as a plot point so I didn’t enjoy this part of the book. Excellent story with insightful characters and compelling plot. The Everlasting Library A place for forever dreams I didn’t think that Chloe or Hugh’s conduct was very good or excusable in this book and I felt that they should have both been found out rather than getting away with it.


The Madeleine Wickham books are not even half as good as good as her Sophie Kinsella books. They decide to just get on with it and enjoy their holiday but Chloe and Hugh go way back. Chloe is fed up with making wedding dresses every day of the week, and her partner is struggling with his work too; both are in dire need of a holiday.

Sleeping Arrangements by Madeleine Wickham – FictionDB

View all 3 comments. The first couple is Philip and Chloe, who are currently under a lot of stress, because Philip is waiting for some big news – is he going to get fired from his bank or not? Books by Madeleine Wickham. You sleep together once and all of a sudden he’s ready to give up his marriage and kids and be with the woman for the rest of his life.

More By and About This Author. Was a bit disappointed at final outcome and thought the characters lacked depth of other Kinsella books. The nanny was definitely a character I had a hard time caring about. The Story of Grenville King: All the while he’s sleeping with other women and proposing to them the very aickham day. The book itself was very quick paced so I read it really quickly.


Instead of turning pages I found myself getting vaguely depressed and wandering off to do something else. The characters were a bit different than I’m used to. For some reason, Amanda does not ever warrant a dedicated point of view.

The author made them seem so careless and without having any second thoughts! When the two families arrive at a villa in Spain for their respective vacations, they get a shock kadeleine it has been double-booked.

Geen emoties, geen humor, niks. I read Sleeping Arrangements really quickly, and I seeping to keep going to see what would happen and how things would turn out. Chloe had a good life but she didn’t recognize it until she almost ruined it.