22 May Skyrealms of Jorune was an early Role Playing game that brought a different flavor to science fiction RPG and raised the level of presentation. Skyrealms of Jorune (3rd Edition) [Andrew Leker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Escape the bounds of the ordinary and enter Jorune. 10 Mar Chances are good that, if you read Dragon during the Silver Age, you remember Skyrealms of Jorune. You never played it, of course — I’m not.

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Leave Your World Behind — Again! Skyrealms of Jorune tm was a traditional “pencil, paper, and dice” role playing game.

You never played it, of course — I’m not sure anyone ever did — but you certainly remember it, because it was advertised heavily in the pages of the magazine and those ads were really intriguing. Ardothian Campaigns is a wealth of background material; the Ardothian Calendar based on the Shanthic is revealed in detail, along with holidays and joruns of moon alignments.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There were lots of charts and tables to consult, which contributed to the sense that Jorune was a fiddly, unnecessarily complicated game.

Skyrealms of Jorune RPG

joorune Put me in the “bought, read, but never jorhne column. Played the third edition of Jorune once and ran it twice, for a total of about 5 or 6 game sessions Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. An experimental querrid’s report on a mysterious site that has been cursed land for over 4, years. These included the idea of humans colonizing a distant planet and subsequently losing contact with the rest skyrealmz humanity a dimensional rift in Tekumel’s case, civil war in Jorune’s leading to the regression of the colonists’ society and war against the planet’s native inhabitants.


Absolutely one of my favourite RPGs, our group picking it up when the publishers came to the UK in and eventually playing it solidly for months and months.

Our combat system strips the hit-points out of gaming, and puts the action back in. Got here from the Harn post http: What I have so far It is too tempting to develop an overly complex and completely useless self-referential set of overly complicated rules that drive away anyone who might have been interested in the setting in the first place. The setting was somewhat comparable to the Barsoom of the John Carter novels of Edgar Rice Burroughsin that it was soyrealms barbaric fantasy world populated by sword-wielding heroes who encountered strange alien beings and technologies.

An injured, scragger-infested croid, remedying his wounds. Introduction 1Logos 2Earth-Tec Companies 3. To those who’ve run the game: Wow – this is freaky.

Blast from the Past: SkyRealms of Jorune

MtbDM March 10, at Citizenship, laws, etiquette and languages are explored. In the course of the adventure, soon after proclaiming what they believed the meaning of life to be, each PC died, often in some horrible skyrealme tragic way.

A dedicated core of fans have built fresh Jorunigraphica based on the creation of Andrew Leker and Miles Teves.

James Maliszewski March 10, at 2: Pages using infobox game with unknown parameters. The shanthas were at a Stone Age technological level when humanity first arrived to explore the world.


Has an extensive encounter generation system unique to Jorune.

The Gire of Sillipus sends your adventurers on a trek through the dark side of Jorune, into contact with the Blue Legion – powerful muadra with a thirst for power; The Skyrdalms – a slave trader who commands the swords of seasoned condrij fighters; and Sardon D’Obreth -the figure in the background who holds all the key pieces. This article does not cite any sources.

Jorune – Wikipedia

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Hundreds strong, they would have continued to destroy Burdoth if not for the intervention of Salrough Gomo, Thriddle seer of the north-west woodlands. By using this site, you agree to the Terms joruje Use and Privacy Policy. Creatures like The Dhar Corondon are no picnic. This page was last edited on 4 Octoberat A full gaming system based on 3rd Edition Skyrealms of Jorune RPG and requiring jkrune for very fast, dangerous, game play.

The illustration includes a description in its black and white version but I can’t recall what it was. Anonymous March 12, at 9: Technologies, weather generation, terrains, civilizations, history and creature descriptions are covered — with skyrealmss non-intelligent creature illustrations that are not in the Tauther Guide.