: The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 1: The Events Leading Up to Year (): Michael P. Mau Ph.D.: Books. The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies has 14 ratings and 4 reviews. Margaret said: This is a book for those interested in the Mayan prophecies for After. The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol 1. 5. Message from. The Brotherhood of Light. Blessed children of earth, we bring to your attention through this book a.

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The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies: The Events Leading Up to the Year 2012

For them to rebuild it under a regime of acceleration will be impossible. As the New Age unfolds, magnificent energies of synthesis will penetrate the very fiber of human activity, bringing sanctud and lasting change.

With such an unquestioning attitude, they have succumbed into a blind resignation and are unable to even consider the more dreadful scenario of hyperinflation or deflation, or worst, of a total economic collapse. The Foundation carries out its mission in the following manner: The NREP Committee invites readers of the Sanctus Germanus Foundation Website to share your experience regarding your education in the current school systems and what you would do sznctus improve it.

The recently published The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol 3 projects the fifty year process that will be needed to balance the energies on the earth so that mankind can enter into a new era. Conflict steeped in hatred and revenge tends to yield more of the same; conflict conditioned by the presence of higher vibrational energies can lead to resolution, harmony, liberation.

The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Volume 3 : Michael P Mau Phd :

Our individual livelihoods depend on our own creativity to produce fermanus is necessary for our well being.


New Agers, followers. Mau just completed a two-month lecture and teaching tour through Southeast Asia where he addressed Sai Baba devotees as well as the general public in Singapore; Perth, Western Australia; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Bali, Indonesia. New webinar s posted on Meditation and the Seven Rays.

Everything functions according to universal or cosmic laws and nobody can control or manipulate the natural cycle of things without suffering the repercussion of repressing the normal flow of energy. Stating truth is not being judgmental. As we see the international war clouds darkening, it is time we, the people of this planet, wake up and become aware of the numerous ways we are being manipulated into hatred of other nations, creeds, or races, then further manipulated by deliberately created incidents–false-flag attacks–designed to inflame our emotions and drive us into war.

The real significance of this destructive phase marking the end of an evolutionary cycle is primarily to awaken the spiritual man and to realize brotherhood through unselfish service, more than mere physical concern.

Awaken people around the world not to accept paper gold certificates of ownership but to demand physical bullion instead. Class distinctions among people are made on the basis of superficial material and physical differences.

Government people are just as responsible for their actions as all others. In this age of truth, truth must be expressed.

The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies: The Events Leading Up to the Year by Michael P. Mau

Link to the August Newsletter posted. In humanity’s new Golden Age, all such laws will be scrapped and replaced with a system based on cosmic law. Gold and Big Oil 23 September: And most governments can never repay the debts on which those currencies are based. The Brotherhood of Light have prophexies to the world meditation techniques that a person can practice to help them navigate through the chaos by connecting with their true selves, their souls.


The real identity of each individual is not of a race, a nation or a belief but as a Soul lrophecies each Soul being an intrinsic part of an indivisible Whole.

Join us for a chuckle.

Silence is not always golden. The idea that opposing something necessarily “gives it energy” and thus strengthens it–is a mistake. In fact, all form is in gernanus change, and our current time is a cosmic end-of-cycle sancts great cyclical change, the beginnings of which are clearly visible in many areas of life. Members of the Foundation will gather weekly to elaborate specific seed thoughts on issues in the mass consciousness that need correction in line with Cosmic Law.

Masters of Wisdom 17 February, New webinar posted: Audio files of our informal discussions preceding our launching of weekly seed thoughts are being posted weekly on our Seed Thought of the Week page. Yulia marked it as to-read Apr 27, June 4, Link to May’s newsletter posted.

People can approach false flag terrorist events and fear campaigns with calm rationale and logical questioning.

We call for the exposure of all BIG Bank and Dark Forces interests and for the collapse of all propuecies supporting this theft of the people. Testimonies on Results of Alignment 16 August: Revenge accomplishes only the perpetuation of cycles of inner and outer misery.

War does not solve any problem for any country or for any person.