Salvifici Doloris. Pope St John Paul II’s apostolic letter on the salvific meaning of suffering, which JPII gave us on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, 11 February. Pope John Paul II outlined the importance and role of suffering and evil and how love is borne out of it in Salvifici Doloris, a document that responds to the. Having familiarized ourselves with the person of John Paul II, his thinking and writings, this apostolic letter invites women to approach the question of why God .

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To the measure that man takes up his cross, spiritually uniting himself to the Cross of Christ, dolorix revealed before him the salvific meaning of suffering. At any rate, Christ drew close above all to the world of human suffering through the fact of having taken this suffering upon his very self.

Protestant reflections on Salvifici doloris.

Why is there evil? Even when man brings suffering on himself, when he is its cause, this suffering remains something salviifci in its metaphysical essence.

In certain times in our history, suffering seems to be greatly concentrated, such as during famines or wars. He is called to participate in this suffering through which all human suffering has also been redeemed. salvifii

Protestant reflections on Salvifici doloris. – PubMed – NCBI

He does not discover this meaning at salvfici own human level, but at the level of the suffering of Christ. This truth radically changes the framework of man’s history and his earthly situation: Teresa DePaul Westminster, Colorado. It can be said that with the Passion of Christ all human suffering has found itself in a new situation. The parable of the Good Samaritan, which — as has been said — belongs to the Gospel of suffering, walking together with it along the history of the Church and Christianity, along the history of man and of humanity.


Therefore, the conscious and free violation of this good by man is dollris only a transgression of the law but at the same time an offence against the Creator, who is the first Lawgiver. Human suffering is a curious thing, not least since we live in community and in history: It lives and develops as the body of Christ, the Church, and in this dimension every human suffering, by reason of the loving union with Christ, completes the suffering of Christ.

Suffering provides an opportunity for grace. For while we live we are always being given up to death for Jesus’ sake, so that the life of Jesus may be manifested in our dolorls flesh The God of Revelation is the Lawgiver and Judge to a degree salvififi no temporal authority can see. One thinks, finally, of war. This “word of the Cross” completes the image of the ancient prophecy with a definitive reality.

Christianity proclaims the essential good of existence and the good of that which exists, acknowledges the goodness of the Creator and proclaims the good of creatures. This is an extremely important aspect of suffering.

Salvifici Doloris – John Paul II’s letter on the salvific meaning of suffering – Totus2us

Christ has worked the Redemption completely and to the very end; but, at the same time, he has not closed it: The words from the Letter to the Colossians cited above testify to the exceptional nature of this union. On many occasions Christ also said that his disciples and confessors would meet with numerous persecutions, something which — as we know — happened not only in the first centuries of the Church’s life under the Roman Empire, but which has come true in various periods of history and in different parts of the world, as it salvjfici still coming salvofici in our own time.


And for this reason St Paul will write of Christ: Previous Post Previous Back in the ring. Cum autem careat lingua Hebraica verbo Graecae formae respondente, idcirco fortasse verbum id raro in versione a Septuaginta occurrit.

Suffering seems to belong to man’s transcendence: Thus, added to human solidarity are the Christian virtues especially love of neighbor which together overcome indifference to suffering. The music is sung by the Holy Redeemer Choir.

And for this reason suffering also has a special value in the eyes of the Church. Man can put this question to God with all the emotion of his heart and with his mind full of dismay and anxiety; and God expects the salvificii and listens to it, as we see in the Revelation of the Old Testament.

These words, spoken by Christ in his conversation diloris Nicodemus, introduce us into the very heart of God’s salvific work. Precisely by means of this suffering he must bring it about “that man should not perish, but have eternal life”.

For it indicates what dolorsi relationship of each of us must be towards our suffering neighbour. Therefore the Apostle will also write in the Second Letter to the Corinthians: