PT4115 PDF

PT – LED Driver with Dimming. PTB89E Package SOT PT – LED Driver with Dimming Downloads. PT Datasheet. Description. LEDs need constant current, for example normal LED has mA constant current, but V varying voltage, this board do this kind of work. So I built a pt circuit to control my LEDs! it has a Ohm resistor so it should give me ~ma of current!.

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PT4115 Led diver

The inductor is also a long way from the chip and Vin also crosses v-out Can you add a picture of your circuit? Do you already have an account? Dec 15, 43 0. Sign up using Email and Password. R3 is a coil.

PT4115 Datasheet PDF

I’ve created exactly the circuit depicted in the datasheet. I have no experience with buck convertors, what can be wrong? I changed the coil to 68uH.

The chip is rated up to 5 volts in pt415 power which it can double with charging input and discharge limiting. PT Led diver Reply to Thread.


Here’s as simple a diagram as I can make: Is there any kind of chart with this PT for coil and resistor ratings? I made another pcb.

I will check your routing once I get home. According to documentation here: See also “Layout considerations” on page 14 of the datasheet. I’m still working with smaller LED’s in Joule thief circuits as once you go over ma you are using as much as some light bulbs. That means that all current flows through it at its expense. Sign up using Facebook. It is particularly important to mount the coil and the input decoupling capacitor as close to the device pins as possible to minimize parasitic resistance and inductance, which will degrade efficiency.

Ebay has a ton of them, but I never tried them yet. I made some pics.

Plus the heat and current problems. Your diode D3 is bidirectionally non-conductive or disconnected. It’s designed to drive an LED. But when I put a resistor pt41115 the load it seems as if th is short circuit and I get no constant current, for example with 22ohms I get mA instead of expected mA.


LED driver PT how to avoid arc around IC pins? – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Assuming the diode is still good, the layout of the board is really bad. Last chance;] I’m just hoping, the problem was a DC supply.

Below is the schematic and the PCB board: Why are you using a resistor as the load? Are these shops local? I have to pr4115 it off and oon after a few secs. I tried with another power supply with 15V max 5A, and it started to burn very fast Yes I know transfer method. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Making an answer out of my comment: You want those leads on your sense resistor much, much short. ANd are you sure that diode is not fried. Quote of the day. No, create an account now. On the ph4115 there are 2 different boards. But, only for a few sec, then it’s starting to burn