Does anyone here use the ProBodX/Marinovich method of training? I’ve read the ProBodX book and it has some great exercises you can do. 11 Apr ProBodX stands for “Proper Body Exercise” and the book outlines several “proper ” routines of balancing in funny positions and moving in. I just bought the book ProBodX, and have been going through it. It mostly seems to be rehashed claims from every other fad of the month, but.

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BJ Lazaro marked it as to-read Dec 19, I just purchased a used version of the Probodx book on Amazon.

I think this is key and has helped me become faster. No medical, injury, or pain related questions 6. A lot of it is adding plyos to what they have in the probodx book. However, I also do more traditional strength work i’ve actually rpobodx out heavy lifting with weightsthrough pullups, muscle ups, handstand pushups etc, to keep my muscles strong and to keep the weight on.

They has also started using an isokinetic machine, and another probbodx made machine they call the vindicator. You were so interested in the fine points of physiology for someone so young.

Probodx: Proper Body Exercise: The Path to True Fitness

I love the footwork and the emphasis on foot strength. The next step is devising a program for them. In those days, as a scholarship athlete, you had to do so much to earn your keep. Ivan Szilagyi marked it as to-read Jun 22, Noel Fiems rated it really liked it Nov 23, How to ask for help How to post a form check Tips Don’t know what something means? At times the changes appear almost magically and I surprise myself at the difference in feeling. I try to do most of the workouts at home because people just don’t get it and I don’t really want to explain it to them.


Dennis marked it as to-read Jan 23, I like to do all the stuff on the site and book without the machines bc of price. The book says the minimal workout should take minutes.

They do agility drills. Fast forward nine months or so. I want to make it clear that I have no business relationship with the authors other than as a customer i.

ProBodX: Proper Body Exercise: The Path to True Fitness

So they put me in the weight room in charge of training the athletes. Edythe Heus one of the authors lives pobodx a family member in CA and I was able to take a personal lesson from her in May.

Oh, I get it. The training methods described are in extremely limited circulation, and since you’ll be one of the few people to know of this training method, you’ll hold a powerful competitive advantage.

Without a background in kinesiology, physiology, biology or nutrition, Marv Marinovich was able to extrapolate cause-and-effect relationships between trained movement and performance, and between nutrition and performance, better than probosx anyone in the fields of either. I really really like the “shoulder accelerator” series on the site and I like the “back builder” combined with the upper back exercises in the probodx book with an emphasis on the forward bell lift and the side bell lift- basically the rear delt fly- on your stomach, those are super hard and really hit the neglected scapula muscles of the upper back.

ProBodX/Marinovich Training Method : Fitness

Only two times so far. You can follow any responses to pdobodx entry through the RSS 2. Golf is now my sport, and I credit the ProBodX workout with an improved X-factor the difference between shoulder and hip turn that resulted in mph of additional driver speed.


Incorrect or inappropriate training overdevelops some areas and under-develops or weakness others, causing major imbalances in some areas of the body.

ProBodX: Proper Body Exercise: The Path to True Fitness by Marv Marinovich

The end result is total fitness. ProBodX is proborx only fitness and conditioning program that safely builds and tones muscle while increasing strength, flexibility, balance, and grace.

But perhaps probidx most impressive thing about Marinovich is his continued interest in learning new things; his utter thirst for learning how to hone for perfection. In PART 2, Marinovich will talk about the often unconventional, unique, but perfectly logical, training techniques he employs with elite athletes. Many are even dangerous and prkbodx weaken the body and make it prone to injury. John Milton marked it as to-read Mar 14, Stephanie rated it really liked it Apr 15, So you could pinpoint exactly which areas of the body were weakest, not necessarily by testing strength in conventional ways, but by finding the weak fiber areas amongst the stronger body parts?

At those who choose to maintain a closed mind and prefer to stick to convention, even when everything points to the success of an idea that has no roots in convention, Marinovich just laughs.