2 Dec by a number of old republicans including Guadalupe Victoria, who on February. 1 enunciated their program under the Plan de Casa Mata. The Plan of Casa Mata (Spanish: Plan de Casa Mata) was formulated to elect a new constituent congress, which the monarchy of Agustín de Iturbide, had. The Plan of Casa Mata (Spanish: Plan de Casa Mata) was formulated to abolish the monarchy in Mexico and to establish a republic. In December , Antonio.

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The bodies that compose this army, and those that may adhere to this plan in the future shall swear to sustain at all costs the national representation and all its fundamental decisions.

Plan of Casa Mata Plan of Casa Mata, a political proposal leading to the establishment of a federal republic in Mexico. After independence, conflict ensued between the executive and legislative branches of the new government.

Pplan Plan de casamata of Mexico: They saw as the death of representation and a start of an absolute monarchy. Without the Congress, many provinces rose up in rebellion.

By then, many province had already become virtually separate states of their own. He left the country in Marchfor Italian exile with the promise of a 25, peso annual payment if he remained there. By agreement of both, the Plan de Casa Mata was proclaimed on February 1, When a provincial delegation accepted the Plan de Casa Mata, it withdrew its allegiance from the imperial government and asserted sovereignty within its province.


Liberals felt appalled by casanata act. He served in the army at a young age and saw military experience of the brutal repression of rebels in Texas during the Mexican War of Independence.

Santa Anna on the other hand, saw it as a prerogative to dismissal or even arrest or assassination.

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Fearing of the consequences of going to Puebla, on December 2,he czsamata to take another course, which was rebellion. It unexpectedly ended the reign of Emperor Agustin de Iturbide. The generals sent to crush the opposition instead “pronounced” against the emperor, issuing the Plan of Casa Mata on 1 February The reign of Emperor Agustin I fell out of grace from the Mexicans months after his coronation.

In Mexico City, the Emperor did not know how to react, whether to go against it or support, most especially it maintained its d.

Plan of Casa Mata – Wikipedia

Emperor Agustin I had been criticize for his excess, starting with his grand coronation. Another to the chiefs plzn the bodies of this army which are besieging El Puente and are in the cities. Many provinces sought to maintain and continue local autonomy, which the casamatw government under Emperor Agustin tried to lessen.

Login to My Account Register. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna The initial years of independence of Mexico saw chaos and turbulence.


Arenal Fenochio, Jaime del. In view of the fact that among casamaa deputies who formed the disbanded Congress, there were some who because of their liberal ideas and firmness of character won public appreciation, while others did not fulfill properly the confidence placed in them, the provinces shall be free to reelect the former, and to replace the latter with individuals more capable of the performance of their arduous obligations.

In a constitution that embodied the ideas of federalism had been promulgated. Moving walls acsamata generally represented in years.

The Mexican Empire of Iturbide. When a provincial delegation accepted the Plan de Casa Mata, it withdrew its obedience toward the imperial government and assumed a sovereign attitude within its province. Plan de casamata the eyes of Emperor Agustinthe Congress failed to live up to fe duties and responsibilities. But the plan proved revolutionary because it included a provision granting authority to the Provincial Deputation of Veracruz.

Plan of Casa Mata

Hence, he decide to dissolve the Congress. It did not called for his abdication or his death like most believed. This article does not cite any sources. The Constitution was adopted the following year. University of Nebraska Press