The God Memorandum has 99 ratings and 10 reviews. Kristin said: very warmly written, and the detail is beautiful. i have to disagree with the description. The God Memorandum: This is a letter from God to you. God Memorandum by Og Mandino (The Greatest Miracle in the World) () WOW Poetry. Article Title: ‘The God Memorandum’ (from ‘The Greatest Miracle in the World’ by Og Mandino)Submitted by: Craig LockCategory/Key words: Inspiration, ‘The.

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On that reasoning you are the most valuable treasure on the face of the earth, for you know who created you and there is only one ob you. We have a world to rebuild With this gift I placed you even above my angels You did not believe me then YOU can be a shining example of how much IS possible to accomplish with one’s life despite obstacles and handicaps No nation’s gold is better protected than you.

‘The God Memorandum’ (from ‘The Greatest Miracle in the World’ by Og Mandino)

You cried that your handicaps, your mediocrity, your lack of opportunity, your failures You cannot command success, you can only deserve it. Every incident in your life is there waiting only your recall. Man has never created such a machine. And worry not, should your reward not come soon. He read hundreds of books that dealt with success, a pastime that helped him alleviate his alcoholism. Never demean yourself again!


On the Genealogy of Morals Friedrich Nietzsche. Alternative Therapies for Glaucoma. You force a smile.

Use wisely, your power of choice. You are the rarest thing in the world. This world has provided me with everything a man could desire. His works were inspired by the Bible and influenced by Napoleon Hill, W. Every noble acquisition is tbe with its risks. To receive love it must be given with no thought of its return.

The God Memorandum by Og Mandino

To love for fulfillment, satisfaction, or pride is no love. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. You are the greatest miracle in the world.

You are more than a human being, you are a human becoming.

To love unselfishly is its own reward. Now you know that to love unselfishly is its own reward. Be patient with your progress.

This photograph hung on the wall of his home office where he wrote his books.

Brave Enough Cheryl Strayed. For he is not poor who has little; only he that desires much This day, like unto Elisha with the Shunammite’s son, I put my mouth upon your mouth and my eyes goe your eyes and my hands upon your hands and your flesh is warm again. You admit your self-deception. And ,andino grateful for your lessons learned in poverty. You have been told that you a special piece of work, memorsndum in reason, infinite in faculties, express and admirable in form and moving, like an angel in action, like a god in apprehension.


Traveling to High Risk areas. Not merely something to be read just for the sake of reading, but the very rock on which we can build ourselves. You are my remnant.

The World as Will and Representation, Vol. You have so much. Once you placed your head in a pillow of grass in your father’s field and looked up at a cathedral of clouds and knew that all the gold of Babylon would be yours in time.

The God Memorandum

He selected some titles, went to a table and began reading. University Of Success Og Mandino. Enjoy this day, today