Seedtime and Harvest [Neville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying The Power of Imagination: The Neville Goddard Treasury. Neville · out of 5 . Seedtime and Harvest [Neville Goddard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We sow the seed and nature gives us a corresponding harvest; . 27 Oct Foreword. THIS book is concerned with the art of realizing your desire. It gives you an account of the mechanism used in the production of the.

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THE world, and all within it, is man’s conditioned consciousness objectified. To understand the significance of nevville imagery, the reader of the Bible must be imaginatively awake.

Now seedtime, to those who are here this morning, as we should really know, we are not taking it literally, our seedtime is that moment in time when you and I react to anything in this world.

When he failed to obtain the grapes then he persuaded himself that the grapes were sour, and by imagining the grapes to be sour he evoked in himself a change of attitude. No idea can be impressed on the subconscious until it is felt, but once felt — be it good, bad or indifferent — it must be expressed.

What you feel you are always dominates what you feel you would like to be; therefore, to be realized, the wish must be felt as a state that is rather than a state that is not. But because he has no memory as to that moment in time when he dropped that seed, which is simply his emotional response to something he contemplated, something he overheard, something he observed, at that moment the thing was done; he didn’t have to labor to bring it to harvest – he simply encountered it as something already abd grown, so he reaps now that on which he bestowed no labor, outside of choice.

You and I take the same story but now we seedtome it on a positive tone. To know what to do to save yourself or another is not enough; you must do it. Well then what would it be like if he now saw in me the lady, the helpful person that I really am, or want to be. It is this water, in the form of psychological Truth, that he then offers to humanity.


Our nsville are the seedtimes of life, and although we nevile not remember the seedtime or the moment of response, nature goddadr forgets, and when it suddenly appears in our world, anv suddenness is only the emergence of a hidden continuity.

Paperbackpages. Control of your feeling is all important to a full and happy life. It is impossible for you to see other than the contents of your consciousness. As you have been told, this morning’s subject is Seedtime and Harvest.

Seedtime & Harvest

If you will study the fable carefully, wnd will see the importance of imagination. Now, can I consciously, can I voluntarily, can I deliberately produce in myself a change of attitude, one of my own discretion, one that I myself single out, and not one that is determined by or in any way is dependent on a stimulus of a change in the object itself.

You simply plant and let the harvest take care of itself. In short, you express and have only that which you are conscious of being or possessing. Then we took that very strange passage, the instruction to the Disciples to take off their shoes or provide no shoes when they travel, and we showed you the word “shoe” is not just the thing I wear on my foot; it is the symbol of the spirit of ‘let me seedtimr it for you’.

To feel a state as hopeless or impossible is to impress the subconscious with the idea of failure.

So that is really the attempt of the nine chapters in the book “Seedtime and Harvest”. The tale of Cain and Abel, Jacob’s ladder dream, and many other passages are explored to spark deeper und Reprint of edition. You cannot conceive of something that your Father has not only done and conceived of it, it is worked out in detail, in all its ramifications. It means the wood of Lebanon is the incorruptible mind. Knowledge of what to do is water; doing it is blood. The manner of expression or the difficulties involved are not to be considered by you.

I subscribed to your RSS feed as well. Now he brought up another interesting point of the scientific attitude towards life. What you do not want done unto you, do not feel that it is done unto you or another.

Cristina Maria Cojocariu rated it it was amazing Apr 21, Lee Howard rated it really liked it Feb 09, Haven’t I attended service? It is all too mystifying. When have I set a thing like this in motion?


Seedtime & Harvest Quotes by Neville Goddard

Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. To impress the subconscious with the desirable state, you must assume the feeling that would be yours had you already realized your wish. A change of feeling is a change of destiny. Refresh and try again. So here people gather to be told how to operate this wonderful gift that the Father gave them. Armed with a working knowledge of this law, you can build and maintain an ideal world.

Suppose I could turn now to a friend and rejoice with him because of his good fortune and actually carry on a mental conversation with him from the premise that he or she has already realized the dream. If man could only remember these moments of seedtime, he would never be surprised when the harvest appears in his world. Well, Orage very wisely and very humorously said the serious attitude is this, – they really believe that God has an enormous harest against helpless odds, and he said that produces in the individual the emotion of harvedt poor Father”.

Seedtime & Harvest Quotes

The states in which we find ourselves are the seed time. And it came true; suppose now I could do it not just in an audio sense but in a video sense. His promises are conditional. Haven’t I prayed daily, and why should these things happen? Haven’t I given to the poor? Although it bears the same title as my latest book, it is not to be found in that book, for that book is an attempt to interpret some of the more difficult passages of the Bible.

Seedtime and Harvest, Neville Goddard

If you have any recommendations, please share. The subconscious never fails to express that which has been impressed upon it. If I took the piano, the eighty-eight notes of the piano, if I could extract from that piano keyboard every discord, I would not have a piano keyboard.