Misha Glenny is a journalist. That tells you what you need to know about the approach that he takes to the topic of globalised organised crime in this book. Journalist and author Misha Glenny has spent years courageously investigating the most dangerous and sophisticated organised crime networks around the. McMafia is a BBC One drama inspired by Misha Glenny’s true crime book starring James Norton as the British-raised son of a Russian mafia boss trying to leave.

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I’m generally sceptical of books that purport to change one’s view of the world, but when one of them does come along, its a welcome surprise. Prohibiting a market means giving the criminal corporations opportunities and resources for exerting a guiding and controlling influences over whole societies and nations. Episode 3 of 8 Alex Miaha has spent his life trying to avoid the shadow of his family’s criminal past, but when tragedy strikes, he is drawn into the world of international crime.

His latest book, Misbaabout a Brazilian favela drug lord, is an international bestseller being adapted into a feature film. This review has been hidden mcjafia it contains spoilers. Think of it as a form of voluntary tax. And for those who think that these governments have already been captured, I can assure you that this is small potatoes compared to the levels and extent of corruption in Asia and Africa where, in the worst countries, corruption is a cost to every single daily transaction.

Jul 16, Jamie rated it liked it Shelves: McMafia depicts the penetration of organised crime into the heights of elite London society. We read here of more traditional forms of organised crime: Hij presenteert feiten en cijfers soepel en duidelijk en zijn stijl verveelt nergens. Since the publication of McMafia, Glenny has become a world authority on organised crime.

We have noticed that there is an issue with your subscription billing details. Overnight, a vast number of Russians were impoverished, while a tiny minority was able to buy up vital commodities at up to 40 times less than their global market price. McMafia reviews different aspects of organized crime and how it is spreading.

So the clever men who would become Russia’s oligarchs manouvered themselves into positions to buy oil at state subsidized prices, and sell it at world prices, and pocket the margin. Whether discussing the Russian mafia, Colombian mcmafoa cartels, or Chinese labor smugglers, Misha Glenny makes clear how organized crime feeds off the poverty of the developing world, how it exploits new technology in the forms of cybercrime and identity theft, and how both global crime and terror are fueled by an identical source: The subscription details associated with this account need to be updated.


What is the common denominator here? We do, however, emerge significantly better briefed. The main mcnafia of globalised organised crime are: Their close proximity to the Eastern European dens of organised crime will surely represent a lucrative opportunity for recruitment of disenchanted and unemployed young men and the expansion into new territories of production and missha. Books by Misha Glenny.

McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld

He begins with the end of the Cold War, which marks the beginning of the underworld really becoming globalized. His international bestseller McMafia, now a hit BBC TV series, is known to millions and in this illuminating talk, Glenny will shed further light on the Russian mafia, giant drug cartels, corrupt intelligence agencies and cyber hackers that pose an increasing threat to global security in the 21 st century.

The way the book is written can be a tad confusing at times, too. Tribal nationalism was indispensable for the cartel as a means to pacify its subordinates and as cover for the uninterrupted privatization of the state apparatus.

People who deal in the marjiuana industry are much more laid back; those dealing with cocaine, very very dangerous. At the same time, there are some very interesting and valid observations underlying his story, including the way that criminal underworlds are so successfully piggy-backing on the wider globalisation of the economy, and that the fact that the prohibition of narcotics is the single biggest shot in the foot for the worlds’ governments in tackling globally organised criminals.

View all 3 comments. I don’t know how he got access to all these thugs and mobsters, but Misha Glenny bravely gathered fascinating facts and stories on the world of organized crime and lived to write about it.

Sometimes, they resort to violence simply because they cannot rely on the state to regulate their markets, while those markets are often the only way economic forward for depressed populations.

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McMafia by Misha Glenny

The bottom line is that once trading barriers were eliminated by globalization and massive demands unleashed — including demands for drugs, risk-taking and sexual pleasure as well as jobs and cheaper versions of expensive consumer goods — no police or security force was resourced or skilled enough to counter the operation of the laws of supply and demand on a global scale. What does he think can be done? People who Things I learned from reading this book: Episode 3 of 8 A mysterious figure, who is not all he seems, reaches out to Alex.

Glenny does a great job of reminding the reader that organised crime is not simply a criminal justice issue, but a phenomenon that should underpin our discussions on a much hlenny set of socio-economic topics. If you’re at all interested in crime and the modern world, this is an indispensable read.

The poor coca or mieha producer, the Fukien peasant or the educated but dirt-poor Nigerian, the beautiful East Asian village girl or the Balkans youngster get the cash they desperately need to survive, albeit smaller than the worth to the gangsters further down the line.

They were seriously tough, and to this day, if you want to kill somebody in Bulgaria and you want the job done reliably and cheaply, then you hire as Serb. They extend their remit internationally because, like all imperial markets, they must otherwise expand or die.

It is just a job creation scheme for increasingly inept administrators and some very brave but misused grunts on the ground. Who knows whose blood was spilt to get you that shot? Jul 06, Krishna Dheeraj rated it it was amazing. In the intervening decade, I ask, has anything changed? Glenny gets to the nub of the issue at one point: And there were also a great many wrestlers and weightlifters, pumped-up on state-issued steroids, who would make for ideal muscle in the protection rackets that quickly sprung up.

It was all voluntary.