As the title testifies, students were sworn to secrecy before being given access to this magic text, and only a few manuscripts have survived. Bits of its teachings. Sworn Book of Honorius – LIBER JURATUS HONORII. Text, translation and commentary by Professor Joseph Peterson. Available in two formats. This edition is. 18 Jun Sources for the Liber iuratus Honorii and The Sworn Book of Honorius. translation I will refer you to Peterson’s website Liber Juratus.

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Of the making of the Seal of God, for the knowledge of the first part, of the knowledge of the Kiber, for the knowledge of the second part, in the third part of the vision of angels, the fourth of the constrinkesyon, the fifth part of the bonds of dead men. For it is faith that works in a man good or evil.


All but a few of the topics are discussed in various ways in the subsequent text. Then, in that small space which is under the second and the third angle of the first heptagon, should be written this name of God: For the planet Jupiter take the seed of an ash tree, lignum aloes, storax, benjamen, and of the stone that is called lapis lazuli, and the great ends of the quills of a peacock, equal portions, and mix all these together with the blood of a stork, of a swallow, and the brains of stag called an hart, when he is killed in the presence of the prince, the male or female will serve, but take such a quantity as it may be very odiferus of the foresaid gums, and lay it up very well for your use as before said.

Yet because of poverty this place may be made of clean earth think or clay if it be well purged, so that there be no rift or break in it.

The section on the names of the angels is not found in Agrippa. SamahelSatiel var. Unfortunately, Driscoll did not make use of the best manuscripts, omitted large portions, misread and misplaced angelic names and words from the prayers, and otherwise took serious liberties with the text.

This is an adaptation of the popular eighth century Anthem of the Blessed Virginalso known as the Five Gaude antiphon. Thimiamate for Sunday is mastic, jueatus, and such like, and all other good gums of good odor, as thus, benjamin, storax, labdanum, amber armoniacum, and such like.


By the inspiracion of god, Salomon said: I adore your piety and your mercy.

I have accordingly placed the text in italics. A gl A monhon. Compare list with chapter CI. Here recite the petition and that I may effectually see thy face whilst my body liveth, and that the power of thy Holy Spirit may increase in me by thy libe and the reward of all faithful people to the health both of soul and body. This prayer appears in the Book of Hours and other medieval collections of prayers.

The book can be classified as a “Solomonic grimoire” due to ilber heavy use of angelic powers and seals like those found in The Key of Solomonand its own claim to “lay out the works of Solomon”. Take peonies, pennyroyal, mints and the herb called palmacrist, and make a confection thereof at your going to bed, or at any other time when as need requires, and it shall be done that [which] you require.

Of these, Sloane is the most reliable, complete, and readable. After this you shall know that commonly in the exemplars the five-cornered star or amulet is made of red, with the space within dyed saffron [yellow], and the first seven-cornered star of azure, the second of saffron, the third of purple, and the round circle of Black. Quicumque vult salus esse et visionem diuinam 1 habere ante omnia opus est vt teneat catholicam fidem.

The seal of the angels of the Sun is this: Aerial spirits of Mercury. And these must ye say with great devotion.

Upon Thurday early in the morning, say as thou saidst before, and then make a couch of hay, and about it strew ashes that be clean sifted, and in them write the hundred names of God. And after this, our exile, Show us the fruit of your womb, Jesus.

So it has pleased the creator. I believe the almost legendary reputation of this work led to the forgery of the so-called Grimoire of Pope Honoriusa ridiculous work so despised by Eliphas Levi and A. Their bodies are great and large, full of all gentleness.

[Fourth Book or Treatise.]

And yet it will be very hard to obtain jurarus, for the Lord hath given the Earth to men, and the knowledge of His Law, as David testifieth, saying, “the Heaven of Heavens is the Lord’s, but the Earth hath he given to the sons of men,” 1 and in another place, “take heed my people unto my law.

Then, around that preceding heptagon, make another heptagon, not made like the first, but in such a manner that the one side of libed will intersect the previous side of the same.


Take the natural seed of lber fish called a whale, lignum aloes, costus, musk, saffron, armoniac, with the blood of the foul called a lapwing, and make a confection thereof. In the virtue of holy humility and obedience, as it is written, “He was obedient even to death,” and in another place “I have humbled myself very low which humility thou didst vouchsafe to take upon thee,” and, “to suffer for sinners.

The revealing angel is spelled ‘Hocrohel’ in the older manuscripts. Articles needing additional references from July All articles needing additional references.

Their bodies are of a mean stature in all points, for they be neither little nor great, neither fat nor lean.

A beautiful and unique manuscript of Ganellus’ Summa sacre magice is now available online.

The Sworn Book of Honorius – Wikipedia

And the Catholic faith is this: The names of the potestates are these, and they are huratus princes or rulers, that is, one for every month: Also after the liber juratus the priest shall say the 26 prayer, and after mass he that shall work shall receive the sacrament saying the liber juratus and 20th prayer. In primo tempore dicitr ystana. Here recite your petition according to the effect of the which you work. Comfort my heart this day, that I may receive inwardly that which thou wilt give libee, and keep it that I may be apt and mite to see thy face, through the most holy sacraments aforesaid, libe the working of the grace of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

The angel [Samael] said to Solomon, “This shall you give to the people of Israel who also shall likewise give to others. Views Read Edit View history. Breath upon me with thy Holy Spirit.

The Father eternal, the Son eternal, and the Holy Ghost eternal. The Holy Ghost is of the Father and of the Son, neither made, libeg created, nor begotten, but proceeding.

Thimiamate for Thursday is all sweet fruits as nutmeg, cloves, the rinds of oranges and citrines, dry and powdered with such like of good odor.