Education Commission or Kothari Commission This article throws light upon the twenty-two major recommendations of Kothari education commission (). The recommendations are: 1. Education and. PRINCIPAL RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE KOTHARI COMMISSION/ EDUCATION COMMISSION, The Education Commission under the.

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The creation cojmission the Indian Education service is a step in the right direction and if organised on a proper kothai, such a service would help the progress of education. External examinations should be improved by raising the technical competence of paper-setters, objective-based question papers, adoption of scientific scoring procedure, mechanizing the scoring of scripts and the processing of results.

The government was fully aware of the situation. We have already discussed about the two commissions, i.

The group had M. Saiyidain, Salamatullah and M. F McDougall as associated secretary.

Programmes should be developed to reduce the prevailing wastage and stagnation in schools and to ensure universal enrollment. Let Us Sum Up 7.

For the cultivation of excellence, it is necessary that talent in diverse fields should be identified at as early an kthari as possible, comimssion every stimulus and opportunity given for its full development.

Work-experience should be introduced as an integral part of all education; general and vocational. At the school stage, the Govt. Three year special courses for the first degree which begin at the end of the first year of the present 3 year degree courses should be started in selected subjects and in selected institutions.

Kothari Commission – Wikipedia

The size of the class should be 1: The new educational structure should be as follows: Developing Social, moral and Spiritual values. Preparation of improved text books and commissin materials 4. After going through this unit, you will be able to: Kothari and the commission secretary, J.


Employees in large commercial, industrial and other concerns should come from the industrial undertakings in the public sector.

Kothari Education Commission (1964-66)

The quality of science teaching must also be improved considerably Work Experience. Special emphasis should be placed on the development of education for agriculture and industry. Report divided into four sections.

Emphasis in these programs should be on self-help, character formation and okthari developing a sense of social commitment. The present century has made tremendous advancement in scientific and technical knowledge as a result of explosion of knowledge.

Immediate steps should be taken for the production of high quality textbooks for schools and universities. Terms of reference 3. Special attention should be given to books for children and to university- level books in regional languages.

Games and sports should be made not only to protect the rights of minorities but to promote their educational interests as suggested in the statement issued by the conference of the Chief Ministers of States and Central ministers held in August In view of the explosion of knowledge in various fields, school curriculum should be upgraded through research in commissin development undertaken by university department of Education, Training Iothari, State Institutes of Education and Boards of School Education.

Suitable programs should be developed to reduce the prevailing wastage and stagnation in schools and to ensure that every child who is enrolled in school successfully completes the koyhari course. Standard calendar in the worked out by the Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission in consultation with State Governments and Universities respectively.

Task Force on Adult Education The group’s main objective was the eradication of illiteracy by focusing on 11964-66 education. Describe the educational structure recommended by the commission. Duration of the first degree should not be less than 3 years and the duration of the second degree to be 2 to 3 years; 2.

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The commission said that pre-primary education is of great significance to the physical, emotional and intellectual development of children, especially those with unsatisfactory home background. Thus new ideas will be developed in society and jothari ideas will disappear.

Not only are the resources scare but the problems are exceedingly complex.

Kothari Education Commission ()

Identify the objectives of the Commission. Further, the principles of basic education, viz. There should be parity in the pay scales irrespective of difference in management Liberal central assistance should be given to state governments for improving the salaries kohari school teachers.

This will not, however, affect the rights of minorities under Article 30 of the Constitution. Science and mathematics should be compulsory in the first ten years of schooling. Technical education and research should be related closely to industry, encouraging the flow of personnel both ways and providing for continuous cooperation in the provision, design and periodical kothai of training programs and facilities.

Saruparia, Vikram Singh and S. In developing Hindi as the link language, due care should be taken to ensure that it will serve, as provided for in Article of the Constitution, as a medium of expression for all the elements of the composite culture of India.

New professional courses should be developed to orientate headmasters, teachers, and educators and educational administrators to their special field of work; 4. Shumovsky Sadatoshi Ihara, Members.

Kothari Commission

Report of the Commission 5. For expeditious construction, involvement of local communities and village panchayats is pre-requisite in rural areas. Head, Dept of Edu.