ITR 1 FORM 2014-15 PDF

Learn about Income Tax Return e-Filing Form Sahaj (ITR 1) AY Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at Income Tax Return e-Filing Form. Refer to Readme text for more details on how to use the Form. Form No.:ITR-1 SAHAJ. PDF; Instructions ยท e-File. For individuals being a resident other than not . 17 May ITR Form. DESCRIPTION. DOWNLOAD. ITR 1 (SAHAJ). For individual having salary and interest income. download. ITR 2. For Individual /HUF.

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Dear Pravin, ITR of will be considered as belated return. Kindly consult a Chartered Accountant. In which section its comes and how much amount can exempted out of Please let me know If there is any other information that you need to answer my query.

Glad to see ir a quick response.

Income Tax Return Forms for Assessment Year 2014-15

Keep up the useful work. Thanks for your reply. Suggest you to consult a practicing Chartered Accountant. Session expired Please log in again. I have emailed a detailed manual on how to reset password.

Why it is not taking whole amount as saving i.

I am a seafarer and have completed my NRE days and ittr only income is from my sailing salary. My father died on 16th june If you are itg a return this year, the financial year will be Dear Ravi, Do you have any other source of income?


Dear Ravi, Your case is bit tricky. ITR Formwhich one to file? I have a feeling that the CA is making thinks very complicated to probably hike his fees in the end. Are you employed or self-employed?

I am house wife. Dear Vishwanath, Did you receive any Tax Demand notice? Wait till notification is out. Turn on more itrr mode. How can I now declare that additional amount and pay the relevant extra tax before I file the Form 16? Sir, I have not filed my income tax returns for the year tocan I do it now along with rent receipts, forrm do I get refund on HRA? Do I need to provide any supporting with my return. Assessee h have not filed their income tax return are prone to department it for non filing of Income Tax return.

I know these capital gains are exempt from tax but I could not find a right place to enter this these capital gains in ITR-4 excel utility, please guide me in this regards Thanks in advance.

Income Tax Return Forms for Assessment Year – ClearTax Blog

Moreover, I have not seen the final e-filed return also for AY You have provided great information in this regard. And I just total my salaries from part-time and freelance work together and mention it in the form? Or should i fill in some other ITR?? Please note full details of my actual business expenses and income have been provided to my CA.

One month back I has posted same question to another site and also to income tax department customer care, no answers yet. Please guide me as to which ITR form I should use for filing of return online. HiI switched my Job this financial year and I have two form And such thoughts causes more queries. What are arrears here?


You do not require any documents from your bank. No tax exemption is allowed for investment in Residential House located outside India. If you are paid Ittr fees, it is advisable to file ITR 4. I have income from Salary TaxableLong term capital gain of Rs.


Does this allow FD interest? You can file ITR 4. Every assesee having income of more than 5 lakh is required to file his income tax return online. Click on the below image to download.

Should we file return?

My father gets his pension from state govt and he is residing with us in Fodm for last 4 months. It also give warning that total deduction can not exceed GTI under chapter 4. Last year, purchased a flat on instalments, and paying TDS for instalments. I did not understand your query. Am an NRI for tax purposes.

It is advisable to file your ITR. I read in News paper that there is a penalty of Rs: But pls also ans. Keep up the good work.

Now there are 3 savings banks of mine in which payments and incomes have gone into.