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Our results confirm those obtained in other studies indicating that the species Vicia narbonenis L. How to cite this article: Nominal yield, which helps to IPCA 3 14 Incorporating pearl millet in eetif tropical environments. These traits were used as genotypic covariables.

Agriculture, peche, alimentation et developpement rural durable dans la region mediterraneenne. These abiotic stresses hasten crop gain. Agronomic potential of three vetches Vicia spp. In general, genotypes with a Effect of planting time on grain yield in wheat varieties.

Zero till gave the best performance in plant growth and spark number per area unit. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Early sowing Bouzerzour H and Refoufi B. Present results are similar to those of Abd-El-Moneim and Siddique et al. Also, great phenological diversity was observed among ecotypes of Setfi narbonenis L.

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Triticum durum ; F3 selection; path analysis; intergeneration correlation; parent-offspring regression; response; realized heritability. Direct and correlated responses to F3-selection for biomass yield, spike number, harvest index, kernel weight, plant height, days to heading and grain yield confirmed predictions drawn from intergeneration correlation and parent-offspring regression coefficients.


This highlights the wide phenotypic variability observed for all measured parameters. The date of the beginning of flowering EF – number of days from the date of exercise until the release of the first inflorescence. The ecotype is very early for the beginning of flowering, for full flowering, for the beginning of pods formation and for complete maturity.

Narbon Bean, a multi-purpose grain legume for the low cropping areas.

Basford KE and Cooper M. The results showed that there was no effect of the system on the soil moisture.

Cultivation techniques, technical conventional-till, ihgc tillage, wheat, soil, weeds. Furthermore, by avoiding monoculture, these species facilitate the control of root diseases and nematodes in cereals Masson otgc Gintzburger, ; Bahhady et al. Accumulated rainfall total is clearly important in compared to Studying the effects of years, yielding entries while Mansoura and Bousselam locations and sowing dates on the performance of were the best yielding varieties.

Setting ktgc the experiment: In addition, the late ecotypes are most suitable for grazing because of their long flowering period and their good forage production. In our study and according to visual observations, we found that most ecotypes of Vicia narbonenis L. This is why the possibility that this species could be used as a grain legume in semi-arid especially as food for livestock and, possibly, after selecting a greater appetite.

Department of Agriculture and Food. June 22, ; Published: Growth of SDI and world publication market.

Only Bousselam, Setifis and Massara ; while inMansoura and Moustakbel expressed above average grain yield under both were low yielding and Waha and Cyprus2 were high growth conditions of early and late seeding Figures yielding varieties data not shown. Immediately after the first rains of autumn September and Octoberdeep ploughing 25 centimeter was performed using a disc plough.


Effect of sowing date was more discriminating between genotypes than and rate, and site iggc on the performance of late seeding environment.

Our results show a negative insignificant relationship between the period of flowering emergence and fertility Fig. Differences among genotypes explained 2.

Chemical composition of seeds: Click here to sign up. Perspectives davenir de la jachere paturee dans les zones cerealieres semi-arides.

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Thus, there is a continuous variation of annual rainfall levels has been observed especially during the spring which is estif key period for cereal and forage cultivation Bahlouli et al. These low-wind directions can be supported by the results obtained by Angelo who argue that the species Vicia narbonenis L.

The overall results suggested that early generation selection should be restricted to plant height and days to heading while selection to improve grain yield directly or via related traits should be delayed to later advanced generation. Total dry matterGY: Journal of Agronomy, 9: