16 Feb In the first English translation of a cri de coeur that has topped bestseller lists for months in France, the year-old hero of the French. Time for Outrage! is the English translation of the bestselling tract Indignez-vous! by the French diplomat, member of the French Resistance and concentration. 24 Feb Here is an english translation of the text*. CRY OUT! INDIGNEZ VOUS! By Stephane Hessel, Page 1. Much the very last step. The end is.

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It is by this way that humanity will have to enter its next stage. You will find concrete situations that lead you to give play to strong citizen action.

Time for Outrage! – Wikipedia

Conclusion How to conclude this call to be englidh This universal statement owed much to universal revulsion towards Nazism, fascism, and totalitarianism — and owes a lot, in our minds, to the spirit of the Resistance. There is not compromise on these rights.

Sartre taught us to say: Ukraine hammered in Avdeevka as Trump meets Tymoshenko. He then outlines two somewhat contradictory views of history that have both influenced him, that of the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartrewho was his teacher at the Ecole normale superieure in Paris and that of the German writer Walter Benjaminwho tdanslation a colleague and a close friend of his father, Franz Hessel.

In London, where I had joined General de Gaulle in MarchI learned that this Council had developed a program, which was adopted in March, and which porposed to Liberated France a set of principles and values which supported the democracy of Our modern country 1.


Global Systemic Financial Crisis The message of Mandela and Martin Luther King finds all its pertinence in the world that overcame the confrontation of ideologies [e.

Translation of “indignez-vous” in English

Thus, they can tell themselves, terrorism is a form of exasperation. Now this was as the program recommended: My big regret is that neither Obama nor the European Union has yet committed themselves to what should be the provision for a useful forum bearing on the fundamental values.

Putin Calls Out Washington. Putin Calls Out Washington Remember when men and women were equal?

But it is an inevitable failure because we are in a world of violence. This article may be expanded with text translated engliah the corresponding article in French.

Not this society where mass media are in the hands of the rich. One of the essential components: These rights, including the Universal Declaration drafted the program inPa ge 4 are universal. By saying still what, on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the program of the National Council of the Resistance, we said on March 8th, — we veterans of the resistance movements and combat forces of Free France — that certainly “Nazism was conquered, thanks to the sacrifice of our brothers and sisters of the Resistance and United Nations 12 against fascist barbarism.

But if, today as then, an active minority stands up, it will be enough; we shall be the leavening that makes the bread rise.


This statement alone should generate commitment. I say to the young people, Search little, and that is what you are going to find. And to think this man has control of nuclear weaponry True, the reasons for outrage today may seem less net or the world too complex. We 5 live in an interconnectivity as never before.


But it still leaves me a chance to be able to remind others of what acted as the basis of my political engagement.

These reasons were born less from an emotion than a deliberate commitment. It was necessary that Algeria become independent, it was obvious.

Translation of Indignez from French into English

I know that Hamas [party of Palestine freedom fighters], which had won the last legislative elections, could not help it that rockets were launched on Israeli cities in response to the situation of isolation and blockade in which Gazans exist. From London, where I had joined de Gaulle in MarchI learned that this Council had completed a program and adopted it translatiin March 15th,that offered for liberated France a group of principles and values on which would rest the modern indignez-vouz of our country.

It was comparatively simple. If there is a violent hope, it is in the poem of William Apollinaire “that hope is violent,” and not in policy. If there is a violent hope is in the englih of Guillaume Apollinaire: Also, the summit of Copenhagen against climatic warming did not bring about a true policy for the preservation of the planet.