From to and from to MOMU made excavations in the area around the river valley of Illerup Ådal, south of Aarhus. Here they discovered. Illerup Adal 11 and 12 (2 vols) by Marcin Biborski, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. One of the greatest accumulated finds of Roman military equipment ever has occurred in Denmark in the Illerup Adal near the town of Skanderborg. It was in this.

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Illerup Ådal

Tybrind Vig Soren H. Not much seems to have been published about the mass grave. Invoking the Spirits Jesper Trier. Many mass-produced roman swords, spearheads etc. It is generally agreed, that the findings are enemy equipment captured after victories, and then thrown into the lake, as a votive offering to the gods.

An enemy who was very organised and may even have come by ship from other parts of Scandinavia. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Illerup Adal, Volumes 5-7 : Die Prachtausrustning

Both reasons to why Roman weapons ended up in Denmark is very plausible and war made the winner throw ilelrup all in a lake. Around C3 – D1, i. The main theme is the relationship between the Roman Empire and Northern Europe, which the sword material indeed exemplifies – the blades being mainly of Roman manufacture, while the handles and sheaths are of mixed origin. Photographed at the Landesmuseum Schleswig.


Illerup Adal 11 and 12 (2 vols) : Marcin Biborski :

Additional Pictures chapter Landesmuseum Schleswig-Holstein in Schleswig, Germany. Here is what they look like:. Photographed in the Moesgaard museum Tybrind Vig Soren H. The prettier the equipment the bigger the destruction. Small area at the south shore of the ancient lake. Illerup Adal, Volumes One thing is for sure and that is that the people of Jutland did fight against a bigger enemy.

Large Pictures 2 – Chapter Retrieved from ” https: Another explanation is that the inhabitants of Jutland served as Auxiliary in the Roman army and illlerup weapons and warfare with them back home. Interestingly, the spear, lances shields etc, were made in Scandinavia while most of the swords, as well aeal many sword sheaths and belts, were imported from the Roman empire. Most swords were pattern welded, some displayed the complex chevrons and palmette patterns.

Remains of at least dead warriors were found, just about 2 km from one of the places of major weapon sacrifices. Illerup Adal 13 Xenia Pauli Jensen. Perhaps they ada, spoils of war gathered by the Germanic tribes during their border skirmishes along the northern flanks of the Roman Empire?


I have dealt with that in detail in another module. Other books in this series. Invoking the Spirits Jesper Trier.

The Maussolleion at Halikarnassos Kristian Jeppesen. The Best Books of Illerup River-valley is a river valley and archeological site located near Skanderborg in East Jutland, Denmark. The conditions were excellent – a lot of artifacts including swords in near i,lerup conditions were found.

Music in Nuristan Christer Irgens-Moller. The Best Books of By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Jade Und Kupfe Lutz Klassen. Spear and lance points outnumberd everything by far; just like in Nydam or other places.