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24 Mar IEEE Standards documents are developed within the IEEE Societies and the developed within IEEE represent a consensus of the broad. 6 Mar IEEE Recommended Practice for Testing Insulation Resistance of Electric Machinery. IEEE Recommended Practice For Testing Insulation Resistance Of Electric Machinery Defines a recommended procedure for measuring insulation.

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After completion of the test, the winding should be discharged through a suitable resistor, sized to limit the instantaneous current to 1 A.

Get a Quote Careers Exhibitions. The insulation resistance of a rotating machine winding is a function of the type and condition of iefe insulating materials used, as well as their application technique.

Megohm measurements may be tracked over time to help determine when a motor or generator should be reconditioned. When you use our service you ieed be assured the latest editions and easy access. The measurement of insulation resistance constitutes a direct-voltage test and must be restricted to a value appropriate to the voltage rating of the winding and the basic insulation condition.

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43-2000 Resistencia de isolação

I T — Total current: During the test period, all appropriate safety measures for the voltages being used must be taken. Search book title Enter keywords for book title search. To provide greater accuracy around the 1 min point and to allow the data to be plotted on log paper, it is also common to take readings at other intervals such as 15 s, 30 s, 45 s, 1 min, 1.

I A — Absorption current: Interpretation of insulation resistance measurements of machine windings and the recommended minimum values of polarization index and insulation resistance are described in Clause 1 and Clause 12, respectively.

The magnitude of the surface leakage current is dependent upon temperature and the amount of conductive material, i. For form wound motors this can take much longer because of the layers of insulation used with different properties.


It ieee to accelerate with increasing voltage. A current resulting from molecular polarizing and electron drift, which decays with time of voltage application at a decreasing rate iee a comparatively high initial value to nearly zero, and depends on the type and condition of the bonding material used in the insulation system.

There are several temperature compensation formulas, and the one above may be the most conservative. Contact us svenska Login. Poluicao em Isoladores Artigos sobre Poluicao em Isoladores. The absorption current has two components.

This time interval is based on the R resistive. By definition, the insulation resistance is the quotient of the applied direct voltage across the insulation divided by the total resultant current at a given time. Subscribe on standards with our subscription service.

Figure 3—Types of currents for an epoxy-mica insulation with a relatively low surface leakage current and no conductance current. For large machines with ieee capacitance, the jeee current can be high. It is the responsibility of the users of the test equipment to leee ascertain the possible hazards involved in the testing, to protect personnel from harm, and to eliminate the risk of damage to the equipment. The polarization index is normally defined as the ratio of the 10 min resistance value IR 10 to the 1 min resistance value IR 1.

See information below on minimum megohm levels. The purpose of ieeee recommended practice is to address iwee following: A current that is constant with time, and which usually exists over the sur- face of the end-turns of the stator winding or between exposed conductors and the rotor body in insulated rotor windings.

It is important to remember that the testing is not complete until the winding is discharged and there is no discernible voltage. Dust or salts on insulation surfaces, which are ordinarily nonconductive when dry, may become partially conductive when exposed to moisture or oil, and, thus, can lower the insulation resistance.


Comparing the change in insulation resistance or total current with the duration of the test voltage application may be useful in appraising the cleanliness and dryness of a winding.

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For older types of insulation, a reasonably steady value is usually reached in 10—15 min. It is not possible to cover all safety aspects in this recommended practice and test personnel should consult. The voltage application time is usually 1 min IR 1 or 10 min IR 10however, other oeee can be used. These windings have capacitive and inductive properties that can lead to hazards that may not be readily apparent.

Iewe your account email address to request a password reset: Insulation resistance tests are usually conducted at constant direct voltages of —10 0 V having negative polarity. Sustainable Development Goals and standardisation, how do they connect? The quotient of the insulation jeee at time t 2 divided by the insulation resistance at time t 1.

What’s new in the IEEE 43 insulation resistance testing standard?

The governance structure includes boards for operational areas as well as bodies representing members in the 45 Societies and technical Councils and ten worldwide geographic regions. This does not imply idee more modern insulation materials are better because the absorption current is lower and the resulting insulating resistance is higher.

The dc voltage tests procedures for the measurement of the insulation resistance and polarization index of insulated stator, and rotor windings and how to interpret the results are described in this recommended practice.