Figure 1: ICEpowerA. Size: 10 x 10 x cm. General Description. The ICEpowerA is a general purpose amplifier solution. By using patented. Cheap Electronics Stocks, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:icepower a icepowerA iceA D class power amplifier digital amplifier module board . Cheap Network Cards, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:Digital power amplifier module of icepower A icepowerA D power amplifier digital amplifier.

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Thanks for reaching out. I would like to check and see if the typical -3dB bandwidth at 4 ohm loading value of 3 kHz, as given in the data sheet see highlighted line on page 5 of attachment is a correct value?

Top curve is amplitude response. Since I bought it, I have had many comments from fellow bandmates in the bands I have been in or am in regarding how dark the sound was from the cab, no high end.

However, it must be mentioned, that you have probably misread the specs of the Icepower products. Therefore there was no need to go above 3khz.

I have purchased a KPA unpowered rack unit and intend to use that with icepowsr GTFX for live use, and I’ll use the toaster with the Quilter for rehearsals and recording. It seems on the low side.


ghentaudio DIY Cable-Set for ICEpower A module

I haven’t wanted to open it up and look at what is inside, I’m afraid to void the warranty. Kemper Profiler Forum Private forum Profiler related discussions. That will put it to icepowef. Every other doc shows a responce beyond 20 or 30 kHz.

Now if I could only play better So glad I bought the Matrix.

Icepower 1000A Bandwidth

Hopefully this post will not upset too many Power Head fans, but I would like to post my observations about the Power Head with the Icepower A amplifier and the Power Rack as well I assume, since they use the same power amplifier. When the ASP was designed a couple of years later, they thought that they would get more full range applications, so it was designed up to 20khz and everything since then and going forward is full bandwidth.

Going through the main out direct to the PA sounded nice and sparkly all the time, but the cab sound was dark no matter what I did. I went through several setups too before I fell in love with the same rig.

w Digital Amplifier Class D Switch Power Supply Board for ICEpower a | eBay

That explained the more sparkly and open sound, it was getting close to the direct-through-PA tone I was experiencing. I suspect this is an error in their documentation.


If I had known then what I know now, I would not have purchased the Powerhead, I would have just bought the unpowered version and used an external power amp with wider BW for driving a cab, as well as just biting the bullet and buying a good FRFR cab. Ah, that makes sense. A power amp that has its 3 dB corner at 3 kHz would have been unsalable even 50 years ago. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. It sounds darned near just like the PA tone.

This is as shown on page 9 pf v1. I am wondering why there are so few Kemper users endorsing such a great product.

We’re talking pre-Armstrong here! Icepowet is likely that you have looked up the phase responce graph, instead of the frequency responce.

Can you please tell me which one it is? Thanks for the help! So all’s well that ends well. It comes down to what is in there. 1000a power amps go up to 30 kHz with an error of less that a dB, according to the specs. This agrees with the 30 kHz value.

Below is the exact communication from their rep, Paul Meister.