UM includes oscillator and selector circuits, a compact sound module can be constructed with only a few additional components. Siren Generation Using IC UM IC UM is a siren generator IC generally used in alarms and toy applications. Depending on the selection, it can. A. A brief overview of the UM IC. UM is an excellent ROM IC that can generate Multi siren tones simulating Police siren, Ambulance siren, Fire brigade .

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D Flip Flop is primarily meant um561 provide delay as the output of this Flip Flop is same as Here BC transistor is used as an amplifier. It has inbuilt oscillator and sound selector circuit, It requires few components to produce output.

Siren Generator using IC UM3561

Contents1 Follow Manufacturer Specific Datasheet1. Each data stored in the ROM corresponds to each tone and it can be selected by using the address of the data location. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript um5361 Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

jc We need only a few additional components as this Integrate Circuits has built in oscillator and selector circuits. It is a low cost and low power IC which can work down to 2.


Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. A transistor is a very important electronic device which is used to amplify and switch electronic signals.

Jm3561 line 1,2 are connected with three push to ON switch and oscillator pin 7, 8 are connected with variable Resistor VR1 and R1 to maintain oscillation. When there is no switch is pressed then police siren will generate at output pin. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

Three Siren Sound Generator Circuit Using UM

Your email km3561 will not be published. It will help your sound based or alarm based electronic project. Siren Sound generator circuit can be utilized in several applications, different siren sounds are used for many field based applications, here the following circuit can produce three different siren sounds Police siren, Fire engine siren, Ambulance siren.

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There is a tone generator, which is iic to generate different tones using the oscillator clock and according to the data given by the ROM. By applying these bias to the SEL pins we can get different siren sound effect.

UM3561 Sound Generator IC

By using single IC UM we can build three siren sound generator circuit. The UM has 8 pins, and it can intake 3 to 5V as a power supply and gives output range As these signals are very weak to drive a speaker, we need an amplifier.

It can easily drive magnetic speaker with a help of single Iv transistor.

Contents1 Components Required2 Circuit Diagram2. I already said that this IC can generate 4 different sirens. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Basic blocks of IC UM are shown in the above block diagram.

These 4 sirens require 4 different sequence of tone generation, that means 4 different sequence im3561 address counting.