The modules they submit towards TGMC 08 contest would be evaluated by IBM if they are complete and working then a ‘Certificate of Project Completion’ from. The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC) is an annual nationwide software development competition, created by the Academic Initiative of IBM. The competition. Application Deadline: February 29th Every year the IBM Academic Initiative reaches out to the vibrant Indian student community through.

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The competition currently takes place only in India, Israel and Switzerland.

Java Technology Java technology is both a high-level, inm programming language and a platform. Palmisano — Ginni Rometty —present.

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IBM Great Mind Challenge (TGMC) 2016 for Indian Students

TGMC is a platform for students to work on real world projects, become more industry ready and develop career skills. The final winner from amongst the Top 20 teams was revealed at the Felicitation ceremony which happened on November 15th, at Delhi.

The Academic Initiative provides resources such as free software download, online tutoringdiscussion boards, training seminars and IBM mentors to guide teams through the process of the competition. Please ensure that only a business-appropriate photo is placed on this site. Larger images might take several minutes to upload. India’s Biggest Tech Contest for Students. Professor Rachna Sharma, belonging to our very own college was one among these lucky few teachers.

With a chance to show case their software programming skills, students gain access to better placement opportunities. We are happy to announce the results for TGMC ! Attended by finalists of the Top 15 teams and other eminent dignitaries from the industry made this session a good interaction platform for all and an opportunity for industry to see and meet the great minds.


It has been recognized as the largest software development contest for engineering students in the country.

It harnesses the latest innovations from the open-source community and provides a readily accessible and flexible foundation for building Java applications. All teams must have one faculty member and can have student members from juniors and seniors. There is no better teacher than experience; here is an opportunity to pass some of yours on. The decision is not easy and thus here are some tips that will help you choose the right university course for yourself.

Take part in TGMC obm let us know your interest to become a TGMC Student Ambassador of your college ttmc be be rest assured that your efforts will be recognized and do not blame us if you have a fan following!

Kestone Asia Hub Pte. It is aimed to encourage students who aspire to make key contributions to develop applications on cutting-edge IBM technologies while providing them with an opportunity to improve their software-writing skills.

Arrange the sections tggmc this page to see the updates you care about most at the top.

These services can coalesce to accomplish a specific business task, enabling your business to quickly adapt to changing conditions and requirements. While a few manage to bag some good practical projects, the rest are content with basic intern work.

The Great Mind Challenge is also utilized as a meeting ground for large IT corporations in search of young talent and students from smaller universities looking for recruitment opportunities. Views Read Edit View history. Phase one is considered to be the semi-final to the scores in the first phase. The Academic Initiative programs [1] include various student and university engagements designed to encourage innovation in the technology space at the university level and to enable students to become market ready.

Continuously back up crucial corporate data on file servers and transiently connected machines. The event turned out to be a grand success and the icing on the cake was that the IBM officials praised and congratulated the student body coordinating the event for their impeccable performance. We provide managed manpower solutions that help you manage your sales workforce requirements and drive performance. DB2 Everyplace features a small footprint relational database and high performance data synchronisation solution that enables enterprise applications and data to be securely extended to mobile devices such as personal digital assistants PDAssmart phones and other embedded mobile devices.


From your sales force in field to top management in boardrooms, we offer learning solutions in Soft Skills Training, Product Training and Leadership Training.

Technologies to be used Eclipse IDEdeveloped by an open source community focused on developing a universal platform of frameworks and powerful tools that make it easy and cost-effective to build and deploy software. You can upload an image that will appear in the overview page for this community. We are ready to design the future of brand experiences Read More.

IBM – The Great Mind Challenge – India

Certain colleges have approved of TGMC projects as suitable for assessment purposes and have integrated them into their curricula. Below is a list of such colleges:. In the course of time the legality of the code is checked thorough interviews by experts.

This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat Eclipse IDEdeveloped by an open source community focused on developing a universal platform of frameworks and powerful tools that make it easy and cost-effective to build and deploy software. What to Expect on the Training day?