I’m tried to open sic app for music player of the webOS national sight where I go to download apps from but, can not get the first app to. ” cannot open mime type” comes up everything I try to install. While you will easily find Amazon’s eBook reading app on the HP TouchPad in TouchPad doesn’t have a working Kindle app, you can now find it via the HP.

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Friends will be arriving for the BBQ birthday dinner tonight, so I grab the iPad to go hook it up downstairs and stream Pandora. With all opej the above installed and running, adding the Kindle app — which is in beta cannog might be slightly unreliable at times — is a simple task.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I get this error message when downloading attached PDF files from Gmail.

Unanswered HP Tablet and eReader Questions & Open Problems – Fixya

I will stay connected. These are peer-to-peer user-to-user forums. I’m in the US. Skip gouchpad content Thursday, June 30, Jun 14, Posts: Though, I did finally read that I was attempting to power the device off correctly. I assume this blank notification has something to do with alerting me that there are a whole lot of apps open and I should do something about it.

I’ve successfully loaded and run the kindle app. Tapping on the link normally would have opened a new browser window. If my post has helped you, click the Kudos Thumbs up!

Diary of a TouchPad Owner

In theory it looks like you should be able to buy the apps from within Pivot. Log in or Sign up. Then I pass the display for a Kindle and a PlayBook. Since the Kindle app is still unavailable, I am curious about how the TouchPad handles reading. Going early to stand in line for an iPad or iPhone has always been fun. This is a classy app that serves Instapaper well.


I didn’t use Kindle until I got a Touchpad and can’t comment on how it compares but I can tell you what it can do. And I have Adobe Mimme installed. I go check out and return home. Any idea where to get open office and skype from? Or maybe you know of another way to install the Kindle app on the Touchpad? Posted on Oct 18, Be the first to answer. But that does not work. You can use the free ebook management software, Calibre, and convert the PDF and send to the Touchpad as a Kindle book.

Attempting to get music onto the device. If that is the case, then you are out of luck. I was able to edit a bookmark once it was created, but it will not take the javascript url acnnot a valid address for the bookmark. Posted on Oct 05, Be the first to answer. In fact, this is something that is a bit frustrating. I am a bit surprised by the conclusion I ended up with. It was available on System Updates.

Utilizing an Amazon account and providing access to the Kindle store, the app allows the user to download free out-of-copyright titles such as the works of Shakespeare and Charles Dickens as well as find the latest titles to download and read on their device.

Since Pandora is free, I figure why not give it a shot. We also ask about covers but apparently they are already on back order. The guy at Best Buy told me they had one on display already, that they had none in stock and openn it would be a few days before they got any. Hi Michel It’s a fair and amusing point, but unfortunately I can’t qualify it any further as the definition isn’t mine but that of the Amazon Kindle app developers.


After doing this, download the webOS Quick Install software from here. Trying to watch the latest episode of Put This On.

Instead, please check the steps in the article: Kindle isn’t my favourite app though as the method for loading your existing ebooks is prohibitive unless you upload them to the cloud server. A notification appears informing me that Paper Mache, the Instapaper app, is syncing. Thanks for the pointer to the international adapter.

Can I have 2 minutes to work on the issue?

So I jump on, and only have to wait for 1 minute. Posted on Feb 14, Be the first to answer. I think webOS has a bright future. Sep 15, at 7: Suddenly, the screen goes blank and I see the glowing HP logo. This error occurs when the Web browser tries to access content that does not have a MIME handler for example, if cannt try to access a.