Howden North America’s Fan Engineering handbook is somewhat of a classic in the industry. The first copy I owned is from the early ‘s;. Fan Engineering: An Engineer s Handbook on Fans and Their Applications was first Leather Bound: pages; Publisher: Howden North America Inc.; 9th. Fan Engineering: An Engineer’s Handbook on Fans and Their Applications. Front Cover. Robert Jorgensen. Howden Buffalo, – Fans (Machinery).

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But, the electronic version of the Fan Engineering Handbook complements all of these features by including interactive content. The amount of water vapor in atmospheric air will depend on weather conditions.

Howden North America’s Fan Engineering Handbook | A Field Perspective on Engineering

Although these topics are generally treated in other handbooks, they howdne presented here for the convenience of the reader. Axial, Centrifugal, Cooling and Turbo fans for industrial applications. A Field Perspective on Engineering. The gaseous materials most frequently encountered in fan engineering are air and water vapor; accordingly, most of the data are for these substances. Cooling Fans in the United States Take advantage of our high performance cooling fans, as we bring our products even closer to hoeden doorstep.

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Howden Industrial Fans

However, the book has its roots in work by Dr. Willis Carrier, and was first published in ran This chapter deals with the thermodynamic properties, especially pressure, temperature, humidity, density, and enthalpy Transport properties, such as viscosity, thermal conductivity, and diffusivity, are dealt with in subsequent chapters.


Meanwhile, the only way I know of to get a copy is to watch for used copies on line or in book fairs.

Since the principles behind Newtonian physics have not changed much sinceI suspect the used edition represents a good value for someone on a budget. But, I suspect you can find copies for less by shopping around a bit on the internet or used book stores.

The ExVel turbo fan has a long track record of providing superior performance where round the clock operation is required. Prices seem to vary all over the place.

Ninth Edition – Edited by Robert Jorgensen.

July 1, at 6: The table values may be considered representative of the composition of normal outdoor air throughout the troposphere. As you probably have noted, this is not a free resource, like many of the ones I list in the reading and resources list I posted previously. But on a lark, I did a search today and discovered that Howden is now making the 9th edition available electronically at no cost.

August 16, at 3: Although there is some discussion of fan design, both aerodynamical and mechanical, the engineerimg is on those topics which should concern the user. Part IV is a collection of miscellaneous topics which readers have found useful.

Fan Engineering Handbook

Howwden you are wondering exactly how the calculations are done, you can simply highlight a cell, and view the formula, just like you can in any other Excel spreadsheet. Turbo Fans The ExVel turbo fan has a long track record of providing superior performance where round the clock operation is required. Atmospheric Air Atmospheric air is a mixture of dry air, water vapor, and impurities. We serve the Nordic countries with spares and service for industrial fans.


Beginning inHowden began a program to acquire the finest fan companies around the world. Handbool required Address never made public. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Fan Engineering Handbook | Fans | Howden

We have the in-depth knowledge and years of experience that will help make projects easier for you, while delivering a successful handobok. Part I deals with fundamental topics.

The Howden Group markets fans throughout the world. Even those portions which are concerned with design may be valuable to the user, since an understanding of what makes a fan work may lead to better applications. Each subject has a bearing on fans or fan applications. As a result, the Howden portfolio of products includes the best of the following: The nature and amount of impurities in the atmosphere depend on the forces at work in producing and dispersing contaminants.

Just submit this form and you should get an e-mail with a download link. And, truth be told, I really appreciate having both the electronic and paper copy.