Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The compelling third volume (after Drive to the The Grapple (Settling Accounts) – Kindle edition by Harry Turtledove. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The Grapple (Del Rey, ) is the third book in the Settling Accounts quarter, and is the penultimate volume of the overall Southern Victory series. Plot The. A profoundly thoughtful masterpiece of alternate history.” –Booklist It is , the third summer of the new war between the Confederate.

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In the end, what appeals most about Turtledove’s writing is the strength of his concepts, which more than survive grappe inconsistent handling of them—and which, no doubt, will make fans disappointed by this entry come back for the next one. Some of the Best from Tor. Nov 16, Joel Flank rated it it was amazing.

The Grapple (Settling Accounts, #3) by Harry Turtledove

Well, I’ve come this far. He can be emailed at thndrbtle aol. The Star and the Rockets. Oct 12, Dave rated it it was ok.

The Grapple (Settling Accounts, Book Three) by Harry Turtledove | : Books

Fighting in Sequoyah appears to be back-and-forth, with both sides sabotaging the oil wells there. Good thing I want to know what happens next, because I’m getting really tired of the repetitive dialog. Overall a good book and I cannot wait to start the last book.


Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. Once more he chronicles events the course of the war through the experiences of over a dozen characters scattered on both sides, though by this point the diversity of experience is much reduced as nearly everybody he chronicles is at the front; home front interludes are virtually nonexistent.

Will the United States try to occupy and “rehabilitate” the Confederacy in the manner of Germany and Japan?

Apr 05, Mark rated it really liked it. A World of Difference.

Still, new fighting flares from Denver to Los Angeles. This was a good edition to a great series.

Settling Accounts: The Grapple

The Holocaust storyline has been intense to watch play out. The United States have found their fighting form at last. More books by Harry Turtledove. Meanwhile, both sides work feverishly to win the race to build an atomic bomb.

Turtledove even gave it much thought.

The third book, The Grapplepicks up the story immediately after this turning point. In this book, the tide starts to shift as the momentum of the CSA surprise attack peters out, and the USA is fully mobilized grapplle the invasion. The United States is able to recapture Bermuda in a costly action and is threatening to move naval forces to the South Atlanticto cut off food shipments from Argentina to the United Kingdom. This is a struggle of conquest and conscience, played out on Turtlwdove soil.


This is effective in telling multiple mini stories that will ultimately crisscross each other and add to the overall story of the USA and CSA.

Swords of the Legion: I can’t say that this volume could even rate as speculative fiction since so little originality seems to have been incorporated. Overall though, “The master of Alternate History” has made yet another masterpiece.

The World According to Anna. Rome An Axis of Time Novella. Praise for Settling Accounts: Settling Accounts 4 books.

I really like michael pound as a main character. The genre of this book is alternative history and it takes place in the time of WWII. This book begins a panoramic story, a new trilogy at least, that promises to be immensely fascinating.

The glimpses of George Patton as a Confederate general frustrated by failure and retreat are intriguing but far too brief and are hardly compensated for by Robert Taft’s rather bland appearances and a very short cameo by a young Fidel Castro. Second Contact Colonization, Book One.