Old Times (Pinter, Harold) [Harold Pinter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Like Pinter’s earlier plays. Pinter deals with bare essentials. 28 Oct “What does it all mean?” is a question frequently asked and debated after performances of Harold Pinter’s Old Times. Pinter himself once. Like Pinter’s earlier plays, Old Times deals with bare essentials. There are only three characters: a man named Deeley, his wife Kate, and Anna, a friend of.

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Pinter received numerous awards. His goal was to devise a soundscape that plays “into the subconscious of the audience as if hearing their own dreams, memories and thoughts,” allowing them to witness the characters on stage searching into their memories while being reminded of memories of their own. May pintr, Tess rated it really liked it. I would watch this play.

Some parts made me feel very uncomfortable, but I have to appreciate the amazing artistry and creativity put into it. Tantalisingly enigmatic, it is a play about people in their forties looking back on old times, about reconciling the young person and the adult, about how you imagined things were going to be and how they harrold out.

What Does It Mean? Roundabout’s OLD TIMES Designers Discuss Interpreting Harold Pinter

Although I struggled to envision Old Times, I did like the play. Scott Thomas’s Anna is cool, classy and ironically mocking in her disdain for Deeley; and that makes all the more shocking the way she in turn is destroyed by Williams’s tough-as-nails, quietly acerbic Kate with the withering line “I remember you dead”.


But, while this is the more obviously dramatic combination, I found the reverse pairing even more hypnotic. In he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Quotes from Old Times.

Old Times – review

I’m really looking forward to seeing it, and hopefully reading more by Pinter. Retrieved 29 January His plays–like so many modern playwrights–need to be seen as well as read to fully appreciate them.

There are many parallels with “Betrayal” here but blended with the obliqueness of “No Man’s Land. Views Read Edit View history. It will enchant, stimulate, and delight all those people Pinter customarily enchants, pintsr, and delights.

It was fascinating in how it is written and staged, but so widely open to interpretation, that I don’t know what to make of it. Re-read in preparation to seeing the current production with Clive Owen.

Man, this is a strange play, even by Pinter’s standards. Neither of them said anything to her, so she awkwardly went to bed. She notes how the 70s was a decade where fashion reflected nostalgia and memory from past eras, so she dresses the three characters in ways that represent the memory of simpler times.

Retrieved 2 October Deeley then met Kate at the movies. He stared at her for a while, but she ignored him. Or his males are just weirdos. When he got through the crowd to the couch where the girls had sat, they were gone. He then went to Kate’s bed and lay across her lap, and then he left. I had to tiems it twice before it really started to crack open, and even then all one is left with is a miasma of possible meanings.


To view oldd, click here. Open Preview See a Problem? If Scott Thomas proceeds by stealth and Williams by frontal assault, both are superb and offer the subtlest variations on single lines. Williams’s Anna is earthy, gossipy, a bit brassy: At the same time, I feel my interpretation of it will be seriously colored by the production of it I plan to see in the near future.

Books by Harold Pinter. Deeley began dating Kate, and Kate found out that Anna was trying to steal him from her, so she killed Anna.

What Does It Mean? Roundabout’s OLD TIMES Designers Discuss Interpreting Harold Pinter

Perhaps Anna is actually also Kate: For quite a simple play, it causes an interesting amoun I don’t pibter quite how to feel about this play yet. View all 3 comments. He directed almost 50 stage, television, and film productions and acted extensively in radio, stage, television, and film productions of his own and others’ works.