The Islamic Resistance Movement, also known as the HAMAS, is an extremist The following are excerpts of the HAMAS Covenant: Goals of the HAMAS. THE CHARTER OF ALLAH: THE PLATFORM OF THE ISLAMIC RESISTANCE MOVEMENT (HAMAS)* Translated and annotated by Raphael Israeli Harry. 2 May Hamas explains general principles and objectives in article document.

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You are more awful as a fear in their bosoms than Allah. Article Twenty-Eight The Zionist invasion is a mischievous one. They are the fighting against the false, defeating it and vanquishing it so that justice could prevail, homelands be retrieved and from its mosques would the voice of the mu’azen emerge declaring the establishment of the state of Islam, so that people and things would return each to their right places and Allah is our helper.

It’s been at loggerheads with Egypt since President Abdel Fattah Sisi ousted the Muslim Brotherhood, declared it a terrorist organization, and launched an offensive against smugglers between Gaza and Sinai.

From this state of affairs the incentives are drawn. They make war against people’s livelihood, plunder their moneys and threaten their honor. Retrieved 22 July It has no other desire than that. For Palestine is an Islamic land where the First Qibla and the third holiest site are located.

Everyone of them is at variance with his fellow-religionists, not to speak about followers of other religionists.

By virtue of its justly balanced middle way and moderate spirit, Islam — for Hamas – provides a comprehensive way of life and an order that is fit for purpose at all times and in all places.

Can a Muslim turn away from his father, his brother, his relative or his friend? The Islamic Resistance Movement views seriously the defeat of the Crusaders at the hands of Salah ed-Din al-Ayyubi and the rescuing of Palestine from their hands, as well as the defeat of the Tatars at Ein Galot, breaking their power at the hands of Qataz and Al-Dhaher Bivers and saving the Arab world from the Tatar onslaught which aimed at the destruction of every meaning of human civilization.

Thanks to Allah, the Lord of the Universe. Those who prepare for a raid in the path of Allah are considered as if they participated themselves in the raid. Contrastingly, Mahmoud Zahar, co-founder of Hamas, said in that Hamas “will not change a single word in its covenant. And remember Allah’s favor unto you how ye were enemies and He made friendship between your hearts so that ye became as brothers by His grace; and how ye were upon the brink of an abyss of fire, and He did save you from it.

  EN 13411-1 PDF

This will not be difficult for Allah if our intentions are pure and our determination is sincere; if the Muslims draw useful lessons from the experiences of the past, and extricate themselves for the vestiges of the [western] ideological onslaught; and if they follow the traditions of Islam. The New York Times.

A revised Hamas charter will moderate its stance toward Israel — slightly – Los Angeles Times

Its special dimension extends wherever on earth there are Muslims, who hhamas Islam as their way of life; thus, it penetrates to the deepest reaches of the land and to the highest spheres of Heavens. In the absence of Islam, conflict arises, oppression reigns, corruption is rampant and struggles and cgarter prevail.

Your brother, your brother! Yet, it is the Zionists who constantly identify Judaism and the Jews with their own colonial project and illegal entity. The Palestinian people know better charyer to consent to having their future, rights and fate toyed with. Its bamas, women and slaves will stay firmly there till the Day of Judgement. Supporting and backing this cause is a humanitarian and civilisational task that is required by the prerequisites of truth, justice and common humanitarian values.

A cousin for man is like the best wing, and no falcon can take off without wings. It is necessary to instill the spirit of Jihad in the heart of the nation so that they would confront the enemies and join the ranks cyarter the fighters. The new declaration, an apparent bid to reverse Hamas’ rising isolation, marks the first revision of the group’s charter since it was chartet amid the first Palestinian intifada three decades ago as a militant underground faction devoted to a religious war to destroy Israel.

Sura 59 al-Hashr, the Exileverse Exiling people from their country is another way of killing them. This Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement HAMASclarifies its picture, reveals its identity, outlines its stand, explains its aims, speaks about its hopes, and calls for its support, adoption and joining its ranks.

Hamas presents new charter accepting a Palestine based on 1967 borders

The new document states the Islamist movement it is not seeking war with the Jewish people — only with Zionism that drives the cyarter of Palestine. Side by side with this, a comprehensive study of the enemy, his human and financial capabilities, learning about his points of weakness and strength, and getting to know the forces supporting and helping him, should also be included.


Let every person know that he is responsible before Allah, for “the doer of the slightest good deed is rewarded in like, and the does of the slightest evil deed is also rewarded in like.

Thus Allah makes clear His revelations unto you, that happily ye may be ha,as. The movement later came under pressure to update its chrater charter issued in which called for Israel’s destruction and advocated violent means for achieving a Palestinian state.

Today it is Palestine and tomorrow it may be another country or other countries. It is characterized by a profound understanding, by precise notions and by a complete comprehensiveness of all concepts of Islam in all domains of charetr And verily Our word went forth of old unto Our Bordmen sent [to warn]. We see Hamas continuing to invest all of its resources not just in preparing for war with Israel, but also in educating the children of Gaza to want to destroy Israel.

Its religious, historic and civilisational status is fundamental to the Arabs, Muslims and the world at large. That hamss to be in preparation for the Imperialist invasion, as in fact [General] Allenby acknowledged haamas upon his entry to Jerusalem: Nothing of the sort is to be found in any other regime. The imperialistic forces in the Capitalist West and Communist East, support gamas enemy with all their might, in money and in men.

They are smitten with vileness wheresoever they are found; unless they obtain security by entering into a treaty with Allah, and a treaty with men; and they draw on themselves indignation from Allah, and they are afflicted with poverty. The past and the present are full of evidence to that effect.

Retrieved 7 September When Moses came and threw his baton, sorcery and sorcerers became futile.

Hamas Covenant

The Zionist Nazi activities against our people will not last for long. Hamas has learned from charer lessons and examples, that the cuarter Zionist invasion had been preceded by a Crusader invasion from the West; and another one, the Tatars, from the East. It also affirms the right of our people to develop the means and mechanisms of resistance.

It is the duty of the followers of other religions to stop disputing the sovereignty of Islam in this region, because the day these followers should take over there will be nothing but carnage, displacement and terror.