5 Jul HACMP interview questions. a. What characters should a hostname contain for HACMP configuration? The hostname cannot have following. 28 Mar Upon node failure, a cascading resource group falls over to the available node with the next priority in The node priority node. AIX Interview Questions and Answers . html#ixzz2hphVSxnE L2 and L3 AIX Interview Questions on HACMP and VIOS Tell me about . (HACMP) concepts and some of the scenario based interview questions asked on IBM HACMP.

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A device number is a major number, and a minor number specifies a particular device of that type or sometimes the operation mode of that device type. Mutual takeover option, which means both the nodes in this type are active-active mode.

With all of the virtualization technology available today, it’s far more worthwhile answees use VIO to create a pair of production and development LPARs on the same set of System p servers and hardware resources than to try to save a few dollars at the expense of sacrificing the true purpose for which PowerHA was designed.

If the heartbeat is interrupted, the cluster may initiate a failover depending on the configuration.

AIX Interview Preparation: HACMP

Posted by Santosh Bhadoriya at 1: Prep work A number of steps must take place before you can configure an PowerHA cluster and make it available. The value is 32 for amd, for big and 1, for scalable volume group.


The hostname cannot have following characters: Generally, rebooting each node can clear up any minor problems, and this is haxmp good point to test restarting each server anyway. Use arrow keys to scroll. Then you will need apar IY Fourth and finally, the entire operating system configuration must match between the nodes.

Define the boot IP addresses.

Technical questions about HACMP AIX & VIO

By this point, the nodes should have the ability to communicate with each other and keep the information stored in the nodes’ Object Data Managers ODMs in sync. Diskhb is your non-tcpip heartbeat. Of this resource group. The number of processors, the quantity of memory, and the types of Fibre Channel and Hacpm adapters should all be the same.

rootvg: HACMP interview questions

Let us know if you looking for a job change? Where N represents the number of nodes in the cluster. Report Attrition rate dips in corporate India: This is almost similar to Cascading knterview fallback, whenever package failover to the standby nodes it will never fallback to the primary node automatically, we need to move it manually at our convenience. Available state and defined state.

Failover can occur when a systems administrator instructs the nodes in the cluster to do so or when circumstances like a catastrophic application or server failure forces the resource groups to move.


The lsattr command will show you the current default gateway. Repeat this step for all VGs that were created.

IBM AIX HACMP and VIOS interview questions

Below are some of the frequently asked Storage SAN basic interview question and answers. This is normally around To get information about hcmp specific network interface, for eaxample tr0, run the command ifconfig tr0. Check for fileset bos. There are some types of computing environments in which you can’t afford downtime—the applications and data are so important that if one machine dies, you want another to be able to pick up and immediately take over.

Ahd an application server.

An the link from nodeB to nodeA is operational, both nodes will display: Add a persistent ip label for both nodes. Typically, this is the IP through which systems administrators access a node. Default Secondary Dump Device? Then include the disk for heartbeat on both the nodes in the diskhb already defined. Add Shared Disk as a Shared Resource.