Pyramid, Thaumatology, Chinese Elemental Powers, e23, and the names of all products published by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated are registered. I supported because “How else you gonna get that sweet, sweet GeekGold? Do something crazy like write a review or session report? Pffft!” – Jim Calabrese. Post about your experiences and thoughts with the GURPS Magic . a bit, known as GURPS Thaumatology: Chinese Elemental Powers.

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Of course if you gkrps not have a good grasp of GURPS Powers its essential and explains some things people often seem to forget about such as power defenses and crippled abilities. Yrth Fighting Styles jumped them. Find More Posts by SolemnGolem. Originally Posted by Humabout I can’t believe I’m saying this, but stop releasing these so quickly!

Which brings us to the spell list in chapter two.

Elementalists lack the flexibility of most other mages but tend to have more reliable effects. Find More Posts by robkelk. It shares all the shortcomings of the standard ability system, namely that Innate Attack is very cheap and Affliction chlnese some marginal abilities are very expensive.

Review: GURPS Thaumatology – Sorcery

George’s Cathedral an impressive structure, to be sure. Chapter 3 Character Traits Harmony with the Tao is back! It is easy to read and detailed without too much detail that might bore a reader with little or no interest in the source material.

Find More Posts by Varyon. This part is pretty exhaustive answering almost every question about the system that could come up. Readers who also own Pyramid 3. Find More Posts by Nereidalbel.

I am considering using that with Threshold and the disadvantages and such under crippling to replace most of the calamity type stuff. Privacy Policy Contact Us. My campaign has a stand alone side quest for each of the for players. If you scale it up to a high meditation or focus skill can allow liberal use of Temporary Enhancement and Powers that Default and you can get a good variety of effects without much more of a buy in.


The other problem is more endemic to the Magic as Powers approach: Maybe it would have been better to not directly mirror Magic in this regard. There are however, two problems with this system. Meditation gets some love, though I already used it as its described here but its nice to have house rules in published form.

Chinese Elemental Powers Yet another way to take my money: I will probably write up additional elements and categories animal being a likely one that use this format. Of course any book about matters magical is not going to be appropriate for settings without supernatural elements. At the end you find a weighted average of those components and a value score that also takes into account price per page.

Instead of arbitrary energy costs for any given spell, it uses its character point cost as the basis then modifies it by the type of object it is cast on. Sorcery thaumatologh almost on the level of Ritual Path Magic when it comes to the required rules-savvyness. All times are GMT Originally Posted by Refplace.

Originally Posted by Refplace My review. Her wait is over now.

Review: GURPS Thaumatology – Sorcery – The Blind Mapmaker

The character-point intensive method is called Personal Sacrifice, the time-intensive is called Spectral Forging and is more dangerous. The good thing about that is that they are often a lot less complicated than the spells in Magic.


These interactions are as flavorful as they are balanced — perfect for a chniese system! Spells in this are always built as abilities and make use Sorcery Talent.

GURPS Thaumatology | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This is a meat-oriented book. The same goes for the opposite. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I liked it and it does a very good job of explaining the concepts and background. Water Nourishes Wood is a really handy tidbit for naturlists and farmers as well. Water spells book or other material.

GURPS Thaumatology

Chinese Elemental Powers ele,ental the yin of magic and the yang of powers to offer you something that is both. Whether your goal is to run a heroic campaign set in mythic China, power up a Chinese-themed superhero, toss a little Eastern flavor into your fantasy campaign, or just learn how to build powers, you’re bound to find this supplement valuable.

Use the expanded advantages, disadvantages, and skills to build the magician you want — or just adapt the sample elementalist, Wang Laowu. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The thrust of this book is aimed at what I call medium power games which is confirmed by the authors post that it was inteneded to work well with WuXia campaigns.

It felt more like Thaumatology Urban Magic then GURPS Supers, both of which I liked but the former was more chineze and flowed better while the latter felt more like an overpacked elemetal.