15 Nov A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Goat Days by Benyamin. Benyamin has lived in Bahrain since His short story collection Euthanasia won the first award of the Abu Dhabi Malayalam Samajam and in his. Goat Days has ratings and reviews. Mark said: ‘Goat Days’ is an unusual novel: probably quite unlike anything else you’ll read this year. A rel.

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Otherwise, shows a pretty grim picture of human suffering, and the ways Somewhere between Goat Days original title: I had to eat stale kuboos. A relatively rare translation from Malayalam by Joseph Koyipally, it is, as its title suggests, a book in which goats feature prominently.

There is a personality to the voice. Eventually, however, he finds an opportunity — of sorts — to escape, with Hakeem who has been working on a neighboring farm and another man, in the novel’s final section.

Goat Days – Wikipedia

Parameswara Iyer Unnayi Variyar V. However, this man managed to survive, but without his friends.

Seagull Books November 15, Language: A hero’s journey in history’s longest battle in a benyakin war. By placing Najeeb more or less all alone much of the time, Benyamin can focus on his predicament, which is simply a more extreme variation of that so many foreign workers find themselves in. Would recommend if you are looking for an easy one-sitting read. Published June 20th by Penguin Books first published August Benyamin used to work in Bahrain for years before he established himself as a writer and returned to Kerala.


Recounting his meeting with the real-life Najeeb, Benyamin reminisces: His suffering started as soon as they arrived at the abductor’s destination – an animal farm in the desert – where Najeem’s job would be to tend the goats and other animals.

Goat Days is a carefully tended tale

Now we are planning something on a larger scale and Prithviraj Sukumaran will play Najeeb’s role. The reader is transported with Najeeb into that slavery. This page was last edited on 30 Septemberat Our plans for benyamni film had to be postponed when we realised that its production cost would not be feasible for a Malayalam film.

I felt Najeed’s pain physically throughout his ordeal. Finally, he reaches civilisation without papers, without identity, and gives himself up to the authorities.

Goat Days – US. I guess the lives of most 3rd world immigrants are comparable sob-stories, which isn’t something I normally think about, and cruel as it may sound, find hard to relate to as their lives are so different than ours. Najeeb’s job was to herd goats owned by his employer who would watch him through binoculars to make sure goxt he didn’t try and escape.

Goat Days: Benyamin Benyamin, Joseph Koyippally: : Books

The master of beautiful letters. Unlike diplomatic agents like ambassadors, consular agents are not entitled to absolute immunity. He bemyamin up with genyamin gold dust: Meet Najeeb, the real life hero of ‘Aadujeevitham ‘ “.

Najeeb’s is not a typical tale of foreign workers in Saudi Arabia — an estimated nine million, compared to a native population of about thirty million — but the isolation benamin abuse he is benyamni to are in many ways representative.


Millions of Indians apply for visas to work in the kingdom in the hope of earning enough money to send home to their families: He lived in a desert for two years, ddays seeing a single human being other than his cruel employer who tortured him. Perfectly pitched books, with the language kept out of the way of storytelling.

Najeeb spends several months in the Sumesi Arabic: The narrator gradually stops being a smart semi-literate struggling with language barriers and starts philosophising with a Somalian, and at this point I could no long A novel like this, one which deals with challenging work environments for migrant workers, has only a thin path to tread on, a path bordered by an overdose of emotions and insensitive verbosity.

He immediately became a slave worker under a cruel slave-master. So mostly I read it as an adventure story – can’t say I felt the grief and shock the author was aiming for when terrible things happened to some of the secondary characters.

You’ll know ‘Goat Days’ is an unusual novel: He is forced to do backbreaking work, is kept half-hungry and is denied water to wash and suffers unimaginably. The complete review ‘s Review:. Glat from the original on 1 July A collection of forty-one pet loss poems for those who are suffering from pet loss grief.

Civilization and Its Discontents.