The son-in-law of the Carlo Delcroix of The Cantos, Giano Accame was a journalist and writer on politics and economics associated with the more progressive. Giano Accame. Translator’s note: Notes and quotations from English sources have been replaced with the originals; the author’s first name is supplied where. Giano. 0 references. date of birth. 30 July Gregorian. 0 references. place of birth · Stuttgart. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project · Italian Wikipedia.

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Giano Accame [] In Memoriam by Massimo Bacigalupo

Pound learned from them all: Pound believed that fiction and drama were useful for understanding economics.

In an article in the Meridiano di Roma 18 June in which he recommends a rereading of the classics with attention to their economic contents, Pound writes: In an article in the Meridiano di Roma for 27 August Pound insists on the liberty of the artist as comprising the right and duty to range where he chooses, even into economics, and he lists his predecessors: The usurer, profiting not from his own labor but from the exploitation of the labor of others, that is from the dishonest fruit of money lent at interest, offends art and thus God.

At the bottom of the page Ruskin quotes from Proverbs xiii. Il Cantar de Mio Cidcomposed between andrelates events which occurred in the previous century. As Pound asserted in Guide to Kulchur: For the life of all is permeated with money; it supplies oxygen to the exhausted lungs; none can do without it.

If all usurers are like this one, I think they all belong to the neuter gender. Already Balzac had made Gobseck, his usurer in the novel of that name, only half Jewish, though being on his mother’s side it was the more important half.

Idee fondamentalip.

Giano Accame – I mistici di Elémire Zolla

In “The Meek One” the moneylender husband of the woman who has committed suicide is even an ex-official who has had to abandon his career because he refused to fight a duel.

Balzac goes all the way with them. Accame would have been more pleased to be remembered as a passionate writer, social thinker and, why not, as a proud Italian. Pound, Idee fondamentali In Timon of AthensShakespeare showed the deceptions of riches and the falsity of the friendships it buys, as the wealthy man is abandoned by everyone when he loses the money which had made him attractive; he devoted The Merchant of Venice to the problem of usury, and returned to it in Measure for Measure.


These writers belong tiano a special vein of the English tradition in which philanthropy claims to speak ex cathedra and give lessons on economics from the perspective of aesthetics. Although never clearly avcame that the arts could be fully incorporated in the body public, they fought against the usurocracy, against the giiano of filthy and fetid values in the mercantile century. Stefan Zweig, Three Masters: Accamr her, however, there is not a word of compassion in all the novel. Thus the Futurist poet Marinetti incited artists to kill the moonlight and admit ugliness into literature: Adam Smith cited Homer.

New Directions, The artist cannot ignore the economic element anymore than in the past he could ignore the troubles of theology, the topography of hell, or the struggles of religion. Had he become Catholic, Mohammedan, Lutheran, a follower of Brahma? A new subject is thus imposed, one which is destined to become in its turn, some decades later, picturesque in the commonly accepted sense of the term with the social mannerism of Neorealism. Bollati Boringhieri, xvii. While he often wrote on economics, Accame became interested in E.

Tim Redman calls Guild Socialism “a variant [of left syndicalism] deriving from the English craft tradition advocated by such writers as William Morris and John Ruskin. Dante deplored the capitalistic degeneration of his city and the greed of the Church: Aware of the complexity of life “Oh, don’t believe in the unity of man!

Calaméo – Giano Accame – I mistici di Elémire Zolla

Fondazione culturale Lauro Chiazzese della Sicilcassa, Giano Accame [ – ] was the author of several works including Ezra Pound Economista: In Wayne Pounds, a Pound scholar in Japan, published in the on line journal FlashPoint 11 segments of his translation of this work, but the translation is so faulty as to be nearly unintelligible, and often says the opposite of the original.

When Flaubert was writing novels, novels were the most interesting politico-economic writing. Now however, because of Casa Pound, the connection is being brought home with a vengeance.


The economic historian Accaje Gerschenkron, whose debate with Rosario Romeo on industrial underdevelopment in Italy may be recalled, theorized the usefulness of Soviet fiction as a source of economic information, arguing that in accsme novels of socialist realism, despite their propagandistic intent, it was possible to glimpse certain truths which were concealed or distorted in the unreliable official statistics. Contro L’usuratranslated by Wayne Pounds.

RSI Giano Accame

The catastrophic possibility of being humiliated in the eyes of the world acts as a spur to their ambition, and arouses a passionate desire to make good.

Other analogies can be traced between the hegemony of the dollar and that of the florin, the most important currency in medieval Florence. Beginning in the middle of the century Ruskin proclaimed that the use of gold coin was a barbaric residue.

If being human and sociable, is a religion, we can consider him an atheist. The intuition that grasps them has no preferences or parti-pris. In Canto xi, where he explains the moral order of the Inferno, Dante asks Virgil why usury is violence against God.

Where you see want, or misery, or degradation, in this world about you, there, be sure, either industry has been wanting, or industry has been in error.

Italo Calvino, in his preface to the Einaudi edition of Balzac’s Les petits bourgeoisnotes: And it is precisely economics which has been the most aggressive mobilizing factor in making a new epoch, arousing the most anxieties fears, frustrations, hopes, avidities, uncertainties, changes, passions, plans, utopias, doctrines, and satisfactions. Essays on Instability and Finance ] Turin: All this must be paid for; experience costs money.

In the bosom of the usurocracy, William Morris, Ruskin, the Pre-Raphaelites and all the other useful and fertile groups of London and Paris formed a gianoo coalition to struggle for artistic autarchy. If I can catch him once upon the hip, I will feed fat the ancient grudge I bear him.

The characters curse her and hope she will croak.