Given at least 4, years ago by Rishi Pippalaada, the Garbha Upanishad details how conception takes place, factors that determine gender and traits of the. Garbha Upanishad. This Upanishad explains in detail about the conception and growth of a child in the mother’s womb. At each stage of development in the. garbhopaniShat 17 || yadgarbhopaniShadvedyaM garbhasya svAtmabodhakam | sharIrApahnavAtsiddhaM svamAtraM kalaye harim || OM sahanAvavatviti.

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The body depends upon them while they depend upon the body. There is no laid down measure or weight of the urinary or the other solid excretions, which are dependent on the intake.

Thirty Minor Upanishads: Garbha-Upanishaḍ of Kṛshṇa-Yajurveḍa

Garbha Human embryo or Garbha in sanskrit. Each by itself is neutral or is powerless. Then it thinks thus: The fetus resolves, states the Upanishad, to meditate on Brahman after birth. And that bile is agni. Why is the body said to be having six shelters? And by the fourth month, the wrist, stomach and the hip, waist etc are formed.

The Mouth, Nose, Eyes and the Ears are all formed during the sixth month. It is of six different characters and seven compounds, three impurities and has two points of source of birth. I am going to chant his name and other mantras to destroy all my sins carried from my earlier births. The human body is constituted of five things the five forces of earth, sky, air, water and fire and is of six shelters like the physical, ethereal and so on.

After seven nights from thereon, it takes the shape of a bubble formed out of water.


Gnaana agni is that fire of knowledge which enables one to distinguish between the good and bad. Retrieved 23 June I now reap their fruits. Then the mouth exists in speech, the hand in lifting, the feet in walking, the upanishac in excreting, and the genitals in enjoying.

Garbha Upanishad of Krishna-Yajurveda

When there is a join or combination of the male and female reproductive fluids, the garbha pregnancy or the embryo is formed. It has three seats, the spiritual eye itself being the primary seat, and the eyeballs being the accessory seats.

Whence the six supports? Retrieved from ” https: From a well-conducted intercourse agrbha unionthe child being born with the form of the father possesses, his qualities, just as the image in a glass reflects truly the original.

In the ninth month, it is full of all attributes. The Garbha Upanishad is a text that almost exclusively speculates on medical and physiology-related themes, dealing with the theory of the formation and development of the human embryo and human body after birth. Hence the child born takes after the thought of the parents. When a man gets to possess and enjoy the material objects which are meant for such enjoyment, because of the good combination of such objects, six types of taste rasam are brought in.

It gets solidified upanisnad hardened at the end of one month. Through it, one inspires and expires and moves his limbs. Those with three are only to be found as rarely as one in a thousand. This birth is the seed of sorrow, and being of the form of sorrow is unbearable. All parts of the world have been my place of birth, as also my burning-ground in the past.

There are six kinds of rasas essences or tastes —sweet, sour, saltish, bitter, astringent, and pungent. When the body comprised of the five natural forces acquires intelligence by the infusion of the jivan or the soulit also acquires the five intellectual organs and the brain, which enables gargha jivan to distinguish between different forms of objects and tastes.


When the pouring within the womb is only once, then the child becomes dried up or contracted. Through non-belief unspiritualityI formerly gave up all fear of sin and committed sins. If I get myself freed from garhha bondage of the womb, I shall perform great penances. That portion which is hard is representative of the earth, the liquid one is of the water, the hot one is of the fire, the airy portion is of the air and the portion which gives space is representative of the sky or the space.

It can sense and distinguish the six forms of taste such as sweet, sour, salty, bitter etc. Once I come out of this birth source, I am going to practice the Gnaana Yoga the pursuit of knowledge strictly to destroy all my sins and to release myself from the bondings of all actions in this materialistic world.

I have had birth and death, again birth and death, and again birth and so ypanishad. The body also has got one ser ser is a measure weighing around grams weighing biological fire, two ser weighing watery substance, a quarter ser weighing semen or other reproductive fluid and two-sers weighing fat. It is dependent on four types of food. Constitution of a human body: