12 Results Visit ‘s Flavius Vegetius Renatus Page and shop for all Flavius Vegetius Renatus books. Books by Flavius Vegetius Renatus. Showing. Vegetius. The most influential treatise on military strategy between the age of the era was written by the Roman citizen Flavius Vegetius Renatus in (approx.). Flavius Vegetius Renatus. A number of maxims have their origin in Vegetius, the most familiar of which is “He who desires peace, should prepare for war” (III.

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In the whole legion there were fiftyfive. I realize that in the first ages of the Republic, the Romans always raised their armies in the city itself, but this was at a time when there were no pleasures, no luxuries to enervate them.

Vegetius on Strategy — Strategic Thinking

The Athenians and Lacedaemonians were masters of Greece before the Macedonians, as history informs us. A sufficient number of spades, pickaxes, wicker baskets and tools of all kinds are flavihs be provided for these works. A German translation by Ludwig Hohenwang appeared at Ulm in In short, a soldier who has proper confidence in his own skill and strength, entertains no thought of mutiny. Others are collected in III.

This depends on the choice of situation and water, on the season of the year, medicine, and exercise. From Russia vegetiue Love – The Ukraine crisis: University Press,pp. He should endeavor to procure his intelligence not from informers, but from the tribunes, their lieutenants and other officers of undoubted veracity.

We shall exemplify the manner of drawing up an army in order of battle in the instance of one legion, which may serve for any number. But a faithful management of the magazines and a frugal distribution of the provisions, with proper precautions taken at first, will insure sufficient plenty. And the troops, though not inclined to fight, pretend to be angry at not being led against the enemy.

Thus the centurion of the primiple, after having commanded in the different ranks of every cohort, attains that great dignity in the first with infinite advantages from the whole legion. He who aspires to victory, should spare no pains to form his soldiers. He should put them under a guard and veegetius neither promises nor threat to induce them to be faithful.

On him the chief command devolved in the absence of the lieutenant. These rules must be punctually observed in all exercises and reviews so that the soldiers may be ready to obey them in action without hesitation according to the general’s flqvius either to charge or halt, to pursue the enemy or to retire.


Troops are not to be led to battle unless confident of success. The chief ensign of the whole legion is the eagle and is carried by the eagle-bearer. The Tribunes, Centurions, and all the soldiers in general were under his orders: These requirements might easily be kept up in those times when such numbers followed the profession of arms and before it was the fashion for the flower of Roman youth to devote themselves to the civil offices of state.

Change is Everybody’s Business. Roman Empire, the ancient empire, centred on the city of Rome, that was established in 27 bce following the demise of the Roman Republic and continuing to the final eclipse of the Empire of the West in the 5th century ce. After an accurate image analysis, the inscription on the shield, which is difficult to decrypt, could now be deciphered and identified as the emblem of the Mattiarii iuniores listed in the Notitia dignitatum, which furthermore allows to decrypt the Numerus mentioned fegetius the tomb inscription.

My obedience, therefore, made me presumptuous, from the apprehensions of appearing more so by a contrary conduct.

A strategy of invasion against a traditional defending army and that of an occupation in the midst of insurgency are two different things. For when he has once received the title of August, his subjects are bound to pay him the most sincere devotion and homage, glavius the representative of God on earth. Several others have followed his example, particularly Frontinus, whose elaborate works renayus this subject were so well received by the Emperor Trajan.

The seventh contains five hundred and fifty-five foot and sixty-six horse. Troops, defenseless and exposed to all the weapons of the enemy, are more disposed to fly than fight.

They should be frequently called by roll and trained to be exact in the observance of every signal. Alexa Rwnatus Analytics for the Web.

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

The paleographical analysis first explains the main characters of the scribe’s handwriting; then it puts on evidence the features of Salutati’s annotations. For the consequences of brave actions are only temporary, while whatever vegetlus committed to writing for public good is of lasting benefit.

The third book contains a series of vegetisu maxims, which were appropriately enough, considering the similarity in the military conditions of the two ages the foundation of military learning for every European commander from William the Silent to Frederick the Great.


No man of either profession ever distinguished himself in the circus or field of battle, who was not perfect in this kind of exercise. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. But the case would be quite different, were vegetiuus even heavier than they are, if by constant practice he had been accustomed to wear them. It seems to resemble a fortified city which they can build for their safety wherever they please.

All these were under the direction of the officer called the praefect of the workmen. There were, for the same reason, Candidatii Duplares, and Candidatii Simplares. The camp must not be commanded by any higher grounds from whence it might be insulted or annoyed by the enemy, nor must the location be liable to floods which would expose the army to great danger. Nor did they receive it as usual, in wheat, until they had, in the presence of the prefect, tribunes, or other principal officers of the legion, showed sufficient proofs of their knowledge of every part of their study.

The first thing the soldiers are to be taught is the military step, which can only be acquired by constant practice of marching quick and together.

A proposito del ms. The organization of the legion being thus explained, let us return to the drills. The Tesserarii deliver the parole and the orders of the general to the different messes of the soldiers. Thus the centurion of the primiple, after having commanded in the different ranks of every cohort, attains that great dignity in the first with infinite advantages from the whole legion.

Whenever this happens and they are attacked in the rear, universal disorder and confusion are inevitable.

These military maxims and instructions, invincible Emperor, as a proof of my devotion and zeal for your flacius, I have carefully collected from vegetiys works of all the ancient authors on the subject. And the same method must be taken with respect to the left. To be victorious, therefore, over our enemies in the field, we must unanimously supplicate heaven to dispose the Emperor to reform the abuses in raising our levies and to recruit our legions after the method of the ancients.

The pursuit therefore was entirely left to the light-armed troops and the cavalry.