Instructions for completion of FAA Form The FAA must verify the applicant’s entries from the aircraft registration certificate, aircraft ID plate, TCDS, . Fill Faa Form 6, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. 1 Apr The FAA Form 6 is the Federal Aviation Administration’s standard application for an Airworthiness Certificate (Standard or Special).

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How Airworthy are You? Find out with FAA Form 6 | PDFfiller

The following instructions and explanations apply for entries that are not clearly self-explanatory:. Special class aircraft include gliders, airships, and other non-conventional aircraft. The Certificate must always be carried on board the aircraft, and should be presented upon the request of the aviation authorized representative. If the previously issued certificate is not available, the FAA should state the reason on an attachment.

This section is not completed when an application is being made for a special flight permit. Aircraft Operation and Maintenance Records.

Check all applicable blocks in items A and B. The FAA should check this block when an FAA-approved aircraft flight manual, listing of operation limitation, placards, etc. The data required includes: The aircraft gains no additional time because it was not in the standard category.

FAA Form Instructions

Enter the name and address exactly as shown on the aircraft registration certificate. In the case of aircraft that had a previous due date, the date entered is the same. Trade names must not be used. This section must be completed by the ASI or designee that inspects the aircraft and issues the certificate. Acquiring the Certificate is mandatory for aircraft used in commercial operations.


If the aircraft was purchased as a kit, the model designation assigned by the kit manufacturer should be used. The total time-in-service of the aircraft, including production flight test time, should be entered.

Free in our Members Area. Check this block when operating limitations have been issued and a copy is attached for retention in the permanent record. This section must be completed only by a manufacturer applying for a special flight permit for the purpose of flight testing production aircraft under the provisions of FAR Check the block to indicate Form or, when LSA, statement of compliance, Formand attach when required. Experimental Amateur Built Certification.

This section must be left blank for frm other certification actions. How Airworthy are You? However, this section is not applicable when a special flight permit is being issued.

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Factors such as fueling stops, weather conditions, overnight stops, or any other reasonable condition must be given consideration when establishing the duration.

The following paragraphs refer to the applicable 14 CFR references for standard and special airworthiness certificates and aid in the completion of FAA Form This item must be completed when application is being made for a standard, primary, light-sport, provisional, limited, restricted, or multiple airworthiness certificate. Armed Forces; and 5 FAR Designees and DOA manufacturers must enter the designation of the district office geographically responsible for monitoring their activities.


How Airworthy are You? Find out with FAA Form 8130 6

FAR 47 prescribes the requirements for registering aircraft. Current Operating Limitations Attached. The certificate must indicate the current design type and conditions of safe operation and maintenance. For obtaining the final airworthiness certification it might be necessary to provide several documents after the submission of Formincluding: When two or more persons are involved, enter only the name of the individual listed first on the aircraft ID plate. This section must be completed by the ASI or designee who inspects the aircraft and issues the airworthiness certificate.


Applicable regulations are as follows: It can be made significantly easier using PDFfiller and by reviewing our short guide to help you figure out how to apply for an Airworthiness Certificate using FAA Form vaa.

Type of Certification Requested 3. This certificate is issued to aircraft that do not 81306- the requirements for a standard airworthiness certificate. Enter the name of the manufacturer as shown on the propeller identification marking. This item must be carefully reviewed by the FAA to determine that the restriction would ensure safe operation of the aircraft.

Instructions for the Completion of FAA Form The applicant or authorized agent must complete sections I through IV, as applicable, for the type of airworthiness certificate being requested. The FAA also may prescribe additional conditions and limitations deemed necessary for safe operation. For example, to comply with FAR