Moseley and Butler’s brand new book is for all health professionals treating pain. David Butler and Lorimer Moseley discuss the Explain Pain Handbook. Butler and Moseley’s Explain Pain kicked off a revolution in therapeutic neuroscience education and has become the go to pain bible for clinicians and sufferers. 4 Jun G. Lorimer Moseley. x. G. Lorimer David S. Butler •Explaining Pain (EP) is not a technique but a range of educational interventions.

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Dec 18, Sarah-Anne rated it it was amazing. Here is Lorimer writing a little more about the GMI handbook. Eine sehr sehr interessante “Geschichte”, die mich wirklich sehr fasziniert hat!

It successfully avoids medical jargon, thereby making it xeplain to the adult reader who is highly proficient in the English language. We feel this function is now not being fulfilled. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Tell us in an email, Who is the convenor? You might also find useful sites for CRPS patients helpful.

Explain Pain

What I took away from it which is what I think a physical therapist is to go slow, gradually raising your activity level knowing your pain won’t hurt you most importantlydoing exercises similar to the movements you want to do in different ways, breathing, meditation, distraction with creativity etc. It’s a good read to understand the processes your body goes through in order to process pain. Crucially, the authors makes a convincing argument for the view that one cannot really understand touch, especially not in a real-world context, without placing it in a multisensory context.

Nun, es gibt bestimmte Nerven in unseren Geweben, die auf alle Arten von Reizen reagieren, seien die chemischer, thermischer oder mechanischer Natur.


I cannot recommend this book highly enough to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain. We do not publish these comments for privacy reasons and we cannot offer treatment advice.

NOI | Neuro Orthopaedic Institute

But these places have not been able to evade a very important problem that gets in the way of doctors being honest with patientsthe fear of liability. Explain Pain Supercharged will provide you with: I live in an area where I have had the opportunity moselley get medical care at two of the most esteemed medical institutions in the country.

Nov 17, Annalie rated it it was amazing Shelves: You can also read recent research published by the team and browse through our CRPS blog articles.

Not to inform you about damage. Once they have learnt about the processes involved they can follow a scientific route to recovery.

These stories provide an engaging, scientifically accurate way of explaining …they will help people understand their pain and help health care butldr understand the pain of their patients. Pain management is something which requires continuous conscious effort and attention msoeley it pain management does not occur to at the optimal level.

Finally, all the comments that are made reflect the views of the person who made them and are not endorsed by BiM or members of the BiM research group. Entirely original content Applicable educational strategies Curriculum development Hundreds of ready to use clinical metaphors and therapeutic narratives.

Butler and Moseley break down the neurological and physiological processes mkseley create the complex experience of pain, a This book was recommended by a physical therapist as part of a treatment plan. Will be very useful in my physiotherapy clinic.

The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer by G.L. Moseley and D.S. Butler

My physical therapist recommended this book to help ease my back pain. Following are the recap points. Please review our privacy policy. Unfortunately we get too many to be able to respond personally.


This is a very good book to help explain pain and pwin it works especially for people with chronic pain. I am a doctor’s kid. In a world where 1 in 5 of us experience ongoing pain and where there is increasing evidence for the failure of synthetic drugs, take heart: The way Moseley turns them into metaphors about pain is brilliant.

Mar 17, Sara Alsup rated it it was amazing.

Using exllain knowledge, we have developed the Protectometer — an easy to use tool that will help you apply this principle to understand and deal with your pain. I live in an area where I have had the oppo This is a solid layman’s book on the overall topic of pain.

explain pain

The survey takes approximately 20 minutes and the responses are anonymous. Was haben die Muskeln eigentlich mit den Schmerzen zu tun? It’s explained in such edplain way that the general population should be able to understand. Explain pain emphasises how it is largely mental and when living with pain managing it contributes mentally more than it does physically. The study involves asking young people years with CRPS and esplain of young people with CRPS to complete a online survey which asks them to think about their future.

Explain Pain aims to give people in pain the power to challenge pain and to consider new models for viewing what happens to your body and brain during pain.