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Because the Ottoman Empire was on the winning side in the Pan-European War, regional geography is different from ettherscope our timeline. Search Goodman Games Search for: Mysteries of the Occult.

Although both sides had a long history of conflict, they etherscooe to view the question as a political one etherscopd violence and armed struggle were only embraced by extreme elements. Steam engines became smaller, weapons became more powerful, and cybernaughtics replaced limbs lost in bloody imperial wars.

The United States of America is an upstart power that gradually worked its way onto the global scene. System Agentsviolent and bizarre etherspace beings, are a major mystery. Etheric gauntlets allow a person to interact with Etherspace remotely.

Fluke Networks Etherscope™ 700 Series II Network Assistant With Hard Case

America then began expanding into the “Savage South” and used a combination of “soft power” diplomacy, aid, and economic development and “hard power” military intervention and naval blockade to dominate the New World. The setting is a Steampunk fantasy world in which the fifth Platonic element, Ether cosmic energyis discovered and tapped as an energy source.

Government programs sponsoring scientific research, technological specialization, and skilled labor manufacturing were used to create a prosperous economy with trade links ehterscope the Union.

America used diplomatic pressure on the allies and then threatened military interference in the summer ofallowing Japan to fight the Europeans to a stalemate. The Great Metropolis is an urban sprawl formed from the amalgamation of Liverpool and Manchester. The Russian Civil War — in this timeline was similar in its outcome but had different effects.


EtherScope™ Series II Network Assistant-Downloads | Fluke Networks

The Dutch are hemmed-in in Europe but have huge overseas colonies in the Pacific. The military faction in government lost face when Japan lost its empire in Asia after the Pacific War. Log In I am new here. The allied British and Dutch forces fought an island-hopping amphibious war against Japan in the Pacific.

In this alternative world of out-of-control technology, Etherspace is the new frontier. They are especially numerous in Neu Reich, which has a polyglot culture and several recently assimilated territories.

Karl I renounced participation in Austro-Hungarian government in and abdicated his throne inmaking the infant Prince Franz his heir. Average Rating 7 ratings.

In the s in Ireland there were two major factions. The few violent nationalist groups are seen as crackpots or lunatics. Somehow the setting had completely been missed by me but I am very happy that I [ Etheric DomainsEtherspace constructs resembling sprawling cities, have been created by Etherspace users to perform clerical tasks and consolidate centralized information libraries. Recreational use of Scope Tabsa drug compound that grants the user access to the Etheric realm, have become a common form of escape for both bored workers and jaded aristocrats alike.

Tell us what you found! During The Pan-European War, the shorter lines of communication due to Germany’s rapid invasion of Russia in initially made it easier for Russia to manage supply lines and maintain large reserves to counterattack Axis thrusts.

Investments in agricultural reform and improved transport and distribution networks allowed rapid movements of food and supplies to where they were needed, curbing famine and disease.


Etherscope RPG|Goodman Games

Protectorates established in Italy and France after the Pan-European War were later expanded to completely integrate the nations into the Reich. The Soviet Union, bolstered by allied support, fought a two-front land war with Neu Reich in the west and Japanese forces in the ethwrscope. It then expanded westwards during the Indian Wars of the 19th Century until it spanned both coasts and consisted of 45 states and 5 territories Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Hawaii, and Alaska by the dawning of the 20th century.

Cyberpunk Victoriana Now it’s These factors would shape the rest of the century.

Bundles containing this product: Artists and writers say it is the realm of dreams, thoughts, and imagination. Then mankind learned to step into Etherspace itself. In this alternative world of out-of-control technology, Etherspace is the new frontier.

These eBooks are digitally watermarked to signify that you are the owner. The simplest representation of the concept are the maimed people who have installed mechanical etherscpe or sensor “eyes” to replace the ones they have lost or sickly people who implant mechanical devices to replace failed or failing internal organs.

They are bounded by security “walls” to keep out intruders. Etherscope published by Goodman Games is a steampunk role-playing game based on the d20 system. One-click unsubscribe later if you don’t enjoy the newsletter.

The Republicans, made up mostly of Irish Catholics, wanted independence for Ireland. Also, their file size tends etheescope be smaller than scanned image books. Pay What You Want. They were supplanted by those that favored economic development and appeasement of the major power blocs.