(Jane) Emily Gerard (7 May – 11 January ) was a nineteenth-century author best known for the influence her collections of Transylvanian folklore pen name of Emily and her sister Dorothea Gerard). “Transylvanian Superstitions . (Jane) EMILY GERARD () was a Scottish writer married to an Austrian Transylvania might well be termed the land of superstition, for nowhere else. Emily Gerard was from a wealthy family, and spent many years in various parts Her article ‘Transylvanian superstitions’ included material on the vampire myth.

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Yani marked it as to-read Oct 18, Twenty years her senior, they married in Not a year passes without bringing to light some earthern jar containing old Dacian coins, or golden ornaments of Roman origin, and all such discoveries serve to feed and keep up the national superstition.

In many parishes it grrard considered dangerous to work in the fields on all Thursdays between Easter and Pentecost, and it is believed that if these days are not set aside as days of rest, ravaging hailstorms will be the inevitable punishment of the impiety.

This done, the figure is dressed up in the Sunday clothes of a young village matron, the head adorned with the customary cap and veil fastened by silver pins; two large black beads, or black-headed pins, represent the eyes, and thus equipped the figure is displayed superstitione the open window, in order that all people may see it, on their way to afternoon emiyl.

Every pious Roumenian is careful to fill a bottle with the consecrated water before the surface freezes over, and preserves it, tightly corked and sealed up, as an infallible remedy in case of illness.

On no account should he presume to absent himself from the midnight church superstitiins, and his devotion will be rewarded by the mystic qualities attached to the wax candle he has carried in his hand, and which when lighted hereafter during a thunderstorm will infallibly keep the lightning from striking his house.

Transylvanian Superstitions by E. Gerard

Aside from the collaborations, she was most commonly identified as “E. At Nuremberg little girls dressed in white used to go in procession through the town, carrying a small open coffin, in which a doll was laid out in state, or sometimes only a stick dressed up, with an apple to represent the head.


A curious instance of this was lately recorded in Roumenia relating to an old ruined convent, where, according to a popular legend, a large sum of gold is concealed. Thus every well trannsylvanian Roumenian matron knows that she may wash on Thursdays superstiyions spin on Saturdays, but that it would be a fatal mistake to reverse the order of these proceedings; and though Thursday is a lucky day for marriage, and is on that account mostly chosen for weddings, it is proportionately unfavourable to agriculture.

Transylvanian Superstitions by E. Gerard – Free Ebook

And there is no doubt that similar rhymes used also to be sung here, until they were replaced by the Lutheran hymns. Also believed in Poland. The devils are furthermore assisted by witches and dragons, and to all of these dangerous beings are ascribed peculiar powers on particular days and at certain places.

A newly elected clergyman, regarding this practice as immoral, tried to forbid it in his parish, but was sternly asked by the village bailiff whether he was prepared to pay for all the pigs which would assuredly die that year in consequence of the omission.

Keith Stone marked it as to-read May 26, Vain and futile supfrstitions such researches usually are, yet they have in this country a somewhat greater semblance of reason than in most other parts, for perhaps nowhere else have so many successive nations been forced to secrete their riches in flying from an enemy, to say nothing of the numerous veins of undiscovered gold and silver supersgitions must be seaming the country in all directions.

This transylavnian the last attempt emiy by the survivors to wake the dead man to life, by reminding him of all he is leaving, and urging him to make a final effort to arouse his dormant supetstitions thought which underlies all these proceedings being, that the dead man hears and sees all that goes on around him, and that it only requires the determined effort of a strong fransylvanian in order to restore elasticity to the stiffened limbs, and cause the torpid blood to flow again within the veins.

Here, after depositing a copper coin as payment, he summons the demon with the following words: The priests, attired in their richest vestments, proceed to the shore of the nearest river or lake, and bless the waters, which have been unclosed by cutting a Greek cross some six or eight feet long in the surface of the ice.

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Gerard” on the title pages of these works. Of course all these various sorts of superstition have twined and intermingled, acted and reacted upon each other, until in many cases it is a difficult matter to determine the exact parentage of some particular belief or custom; but in a general way the three sources I have named may be admitted as a rough sort of classification in dealing with the principal superstitious afloat in Transylvania.

The throwing up of wreaths on to the roofs, described above, is in some districts practised on the feast of St. He therefore gave over the reins to her, and stepped aside into the bushes, where, murmuring the mystic formula he turned three somersaults over a ditch. No God-fearing peasant will, however, allow himself to be tempted by the hopes of such riches, which he cannot on that day appropriate without sin. Secondly, there is here the imported superstition: Sometimes it is a dog instead of a wolf, whose form a man ‘has taken either voluntarily or as penance for his sins.

Very efficacious is it likewise to stand at midnight on the dunghill with a piece of Christmas cake in her mouth, and listen for the first sound of a dog’s barking which reaches her ear. Transylvanian Superstitions – article by Emily Ger The girl whose thoughts are turned towards love and matrimony has many approved methods transylvanina testing her fate on this night. The bringing up of a common domestic cow is apparently as difficult a task as the rearing of any dear gazelle, and even the well-doing of a simple turnip or potato about as precarious as that of the most tender exotic plant.

Transylvanian Superstitions – Emily Gerard – Google Books

Women’s Wild Oats C. Bram Stoker “vampirized” Marie Nizet? She will never venture to draw the water against the current, for that would strike the spirit home and provoke her anger.

Transylvania might well be termed the land of superstition, for nowhere else does this curious crooked plant of delusion nourish as persistently and in such bewildering variety.