Emilia Hazelip was a Catalan organic gardener and pioneer of the concept of synergistic gardening. Her farming methods were inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka. I have just finished a week volunteering with Elena in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. Our main focus was in the vegetable gardens. Elena follows Emilia. Emilia Hazelip was a Catalan born organic gardener who pioneered the concept of synergistic gardening. The video on no-till synergistic.

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This is the only time any kind of chemical, fertilizer, pesticide, etc is used at all. She does say in the video i have just whatched that in spring she took off the mulch to let the ground warm up and to sow seed.

Emilia Hazelip synergistic garden

It was a 1 time application only to keep the soil in place and act as temp mulch. The book mentioned by Emilia Hazelip can be purchased here: This site uses cookies. OK, coming back to this subject for a few more questions So that they knew how high to keep them? I think his paths should’ve been a bit hazwlip in relation to his beds, and hazelipp should definitely fill in his trenches with something.

Agricoltura sinergica. Le origini, l’esperienza, la pratica : Emilia Hazelip :

Plus I’ve put in some sugar snap peas that were sown in root-trainer modules long deep ones and something I suspect leatherjackets has chewed them off at the base. Califfornia is meant to have a mediteranean climate though much of california is further south than the mediteranean. It is said some of the early followers of that tradition rejoiced at the loss of teeth from malnutrition.


I also followed her information on the Fukuoka website for more detailed information. This consumes a lot of stored calories, and many weed seeds simply aren’t large enough to supply so much.

And if straw is such a good vegetation supressant, does it mean that only sturdy seedling plants can go in, not seeds direct? He often expressed himself playfully. YouTube has a 4 part emiliz series uploaded to it. The work of Permaculturist Marc Bonfils with self-fertile cereal production and the microbiological research of Alan Smith and Elaine Ingham are frequently mentioned.

Emilia Hazelip bed | Emilia Hazelip Bed | Pinterest | Garden, Bed and Permaculture

Jacqueline Freeman – Honeybee Techniques – streaming video. I don’t think Fukuoka was ever satisfied with low yields, except as a learning experience.

You simply chop and drop the weed right there, at the plant meets the soil. Home Who Are We?

Fukuoka didn’t write very much about his kitchen garden, but I get the general impression that he used traditional Japanese methods in it, despite the semi-wild vegetables available from the understory of his orchards. If the soil is never disturbed then they go their merry way, eat all my roots, hatch out and proliferate.

Mulch also conserves moisture by slowing direct evaporation. A term referred to as Synergistic Gardening which is a fancy way of saying self fertilising garden.


For smaller seeds you might need to clear a little space in the mulch and put down a little patch of fine soil. I agree with the fundemental pragmatism of all food production She said sowing took two people two mounths time as if that was a record it seems a lot of time to me.

Better to leave them in a pile somewhere to rot down into leaf mould.

Emilia Hazelip

I would like to ask folks to just keep their remarks on topic to make sure that their on topic stuff doesn’t get deleted in the future. Alison Freeth-Thomas “heninfrance” wrote: Then I tilled down again and repeated these steps till I got it up to my knees. And what stops the paths from becoming weed infested? Beatifull still life at the end. I spent a month keeping daisy and borage seedlings from getting covered up — but in the end they got swamped by the oregano I imagine you could even initiate the system with a mulch crop maybe a winter killed grain, or something leafy slashed in the spring The path is also a place for the beds to temporarily drain into.

I imagine necessary in the med.