A human care company, Elekta pioneers significant innovations and MOSAIQ oncology information management solutions are backed by the full financial and . Elekta software helps clinicians provide the best possible information-guided care for every patient Elekta Care Management MOSAIQ Radiation Oncology. MOSAIQ by Elekta is an ONC-ATCB certified electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management system, focused on serving oncology practitioners.

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I like that the support team is virtually unreachable, and optimizations never happen. Handles our treatment planning well. MOSAIQ Oncology Analytics Actionable information to help you enhance patient care, optimise operations and improve cost savings learn more Image Management Integrated archives for clinical imaging data learn more.

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Evaluate Integrated plan management and dose review learn more. Even if it’s free, go another way. Pros What I like most about this software is that is can do so much. Treatment Management Treatment planning, delivery and assessment tools learn more. Any simple software has auto save feature and this one does not.

Elekta Treatment Management software enables precision planning, continuous assessment and effective delivery of treatments—whether a patient is prescribed single-dose radiosurgery, brachytherapy, chemotherapy or a course of radiation therapy. Cons Support for the product over live voice via the Support Desk can be improved: Support for the product over live voice via the Support Desk can be improved: Chief Development Officer Pros Comprehensive electronic medical chart that is flexible for multiple modalities, i.


MOSAIQ Software

It can be deployed both in the cloud and on-premise. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Collect, aggregate, and analyze information from multiple data systems Use real-time dashboards for effective analysis and to improve the performance of your practice Ensure compliance and support research with standardized data mosaaiq and reporting Leverage best practices from across the globe to personalize treatments and improve patient care Elekta provides a single source of truth with the analytical tools to help you make faster, more confident decisions about your patients and your practice.

With Elekta Ele,ta Management software, you can: Access to more timely and complete clinical and patient information Better tools for sharing, analyzing, and applying information Easier ways to tap into the knowledge and experience of their peers Elekta software brings together the people, the workflows, and the information clinics need to deliver quality care and run smooth operations.

Care Management Clinical and practice management tools learn more. Clinical and business intelligence applications. Pros I like that the support team is virtually unreachable, and optimizations never happen. Cons What I like least about this software is that it was difficult to learn, and patient pre-payments were difficult to manage.

Registries Data management and analytics for registry and evidence-based reporting learn more Cloud Moxaiq Private and secure cloud-based solutions learn more. Locate Integrated stereotactic localization learn more. Images and more images. Call us for a Free FastStart Consultation: Patient Engagement Essential patient communication tools learn more.


Monaco Precision plans for all major treatment techniques for photon and electron plans learn more. Most cumbersome, poorly programmed medical information software. Diagnostic and treatment information. We are committed to delivering software that will help clinicians provide the best possible care—information-guided care—for every patient treated for cancer or a neurological disorder.


MOSAIQ® Medical Oncology

Simplify the management of complex treatments and techniques with automated and customizable workflows Personalize treatments with automated decision support for more informed clinical decision making Reduce errors and patient wait times by eliminating data entry errors and unnecessary procedures Choose your own equipment.

So cumbersometo finish one task in the program, it takes 10 clicks.

Be wise, spend your money elsewhere. As clinics become more collaborative and treatments become more personalized, information guidance becomes essential. ABAS Automated plan contouring and segmentation learn more. Cons clumsy, slow, not intuitive, dangerous, frustrating, frequently disruptive, difficult to make any adjustments to orders, hard to write scripts, chemo orders are a nightmare.

I would urge people to avoid this product for medical oncology. Treatment Management Treatment planning, delivery and assessment tools learn more. It is difficult to use.

I am on the billing, collections and analytical side and mosalq software is grossly lacking in these areas. This site uses cookies. Knowledge Management Clinical and business intelligence applications learn more. No end user utility. Reports are limited and hard to use and format.

Spend less time gathering information and more time addressing the best treatment options. Does not have integrated collections and follow up software.